Rising 4/19/13


Rising 4/19/13

#TLOSVIP – repost via my Instagram

Twins of Evil Show!

Gonna be dragging at work today but it is all well worth it!
The Twins of Evil Show with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie was just as expected…. amazing!
I have seen them both a ton of times but it was awesome to get to see them together on this tour.

A few pics via Instagram…

Living Dead Girl 🙂

This is how good it was ha ha – Me

Spare body parts anyone?

Stay Spooky and keep rockin!
LDG Nicole

Pre-ordered Mine!

I pre- ordered mine for my collection.. how could I not!??!!!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

May Monster Madness Rob Zombie Style!

I thought this week was a great time to share one of my new monstrous creations..

Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead…and makes Dead Girl Decay Accessories…

Living Dead Girl Nicole that’s who 🙂

These were made as a part of my Dead Girl Portrait Decay accessories. I have taken a small print of “The Zombies” portrait that I drew (and gave to Sheri Moon Zombie) and cropped it to make 2 mini barrettes. The mini portrait prints are protected by a clear resin seal and glued to black bottle caps to make up the center of the flowers. The flowers are a mix of a white, black and lime green petals! 
Perfect for the female Zombie Head or to top off with your Total Skull merch!! 

These are available in my Etsy shop HERE!

Come back tomorrow for another monster of a post!
LDG Nicole
Check out the other Monsters participating in the Madness this week…..


Teaching the kids survival..

So my friend Heather sent me a picture today that totally made my day.
She works for a school and was laminating cards for the kids
 and came across this one and had to send it to me…..
If you are a big Rob Zombie fan like myself.. you will understand why this made my day ha ha!
Thank you Heather!!!
LDG Nicole

The only man that makes me WANT to wash clothes..

Leave it to no other then Rob Zombie to be the first man that makes me WANT to wash clothes. Ha Ha!
You all know about my love for Mr Zombie 
and this is just another reason to add to the list of why this man is genius!
And bravo to Woolite for hiring him. 
I have been anticipating this commercial ever since Rob started to talk about it online months ago and it was everything I hoped it would be! 

For more about my “healthy obsession” love of all things Rob Zombie
and to see so of my Rob Zombie inspired art work click HERE!

LDG Nicole

Happy Birthday Mr. Rob Zombie!!!


Me with Rob Zombie back in 2006

 Anyone that knows me, sees my name online , reads my Rob Zombie related posts on this blog, or even looks at my art work can tell I absolutely adore everything about Rob Zombie!!

So I want to take this time to use my site to say Happy Birthday to the Super Beast!!! Hope your birthday rocks as hard as you do!! And we all know how hard you can rock!!

Zombie Head,
Living Dead Girl Nicole