Gifts for the Halls!


As many of you know I am big fans of the monster making skills of Cleve and Constance Hall. I keep in touch with Cleve online and he has been nothing but awesome to me. I have also used my site as well as social media to spread the word to bring Monster Man back to SyFy as I truly believe dark artists like myself need more  exposure and respect for what they do. Cleve and Constance both agreed to do a feature interviews with me for (coming soon!) which turned out great because they both had some fun and creative answers! I decided since they inspire me so much that I would make some art based on my love of what they do and who they are. Since Cleve loves godzilla I decided to make a green mini zombie head complete with dark hair and facial hair similiar to his and decided to make a fuschia and black skelefly Dead Girl Decay barrette that was fitting to Constance’s unique look and style. These gifts will be going in the mail to them soon and I can’t wait to hear what they think of them!

Stay Spooky and inspired!
LDG Nicole

Happy Birthday to the one I wanted to be when I grew up (and still do)

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Halloween!!!!
Elvira – Cassandra Peterson!!!
Stay Spooky!
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My Mom… a star

My donation is in memory of my Mom… my star
Want to make a donation and launch a star in memory of someone you love?
Go to:
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Thank you!!!

A very special thank you to everyone that helped make the Keith Michalski benefit a huge success!!!
My best friend, Regina Michalski & Me @ the benefit
Stay Spooky!!
LDG Nicole