Blue Felix

Got to see Blue Felix live in my hometown over this weekend for only $12!!
So much energy on stage!!
Yes thats Toxic Tripp the lead singer hanging from the top of the stage upside down while he’s singing

Me and YBot after the show. I am in love with his mask! Wish the pic would have came out clearer.. damn iphone ha ha


Stay Spooking and Keep Rocking!
LDG Nicole

Twins of Evil Show!

Gonna be dragging at work today but it is all well worth it!
The Twins of Evil Show with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie was just as expected…. amazing!
I have seen them both a ton of times but it was awesome to get to see them together on this tour.

A few pics via Instagram…

Living Dead Girl 🙂

This is how good it was ha ha – Me

Spare body parts anyone?

Stay Spooky and keep rockin!
LDG Nicole


Went and saw Mushroomhead again last night. I brought my new camera with me and took some great shots OF them and WITH them.
Here are the end results of a great night, kick ass show and fun with photo editing…
This one my husband Frank took with the phone and it didn’t come out too clear but had to post this AWESOME shirt I had to have the minute I saw it!
Check out Mushroomhead on their tour.. they never disappoint. You will thank me later!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


So for a few months I have been anticipating that Orgy was coming to a tiny little venue in my hometown. But what I was more anticipating was getting to see One Eyed Doll who has been touring with them. I looked into them a few months back when I saw the line up and became a fan of theirs on Reverbnation after listening to their music, watching their videos online and reading on Wikipedia that the lead singer was “Gwar meets Strawberry Shortcake” 🙂
I have always been a big fan of  woman that can lead a band, rock out on guitar, sing like an angel and scream like a demon. So I was instantly hooked. 
When I got to the show I immediately took a look around and saw the lovely lead singer Kimberly over by the band’s merch table and decided to pay her a visit to tell her how awesome I think the band is and how original and unique I think they are. She was a complete sweetheart as expected and thanked me for my kind words. I bought a shirt that had Kimberly holding a big butcher knife in her hand (how could I resist that one right ha ha). We talked about the artwork on their albums and merch as well as the wonderful artwork I saw on their website that her very talented mother does of the band and had a really nice conversation. 
When they were next to go on stage I made my way to the front as I knew if the show was anything as good as their videos online then I knew I wanted to be up close to experience it all first hand.

I was so close that I was able to get Kimberly head banging in my face on video ha ha.

This is them performing Be My Friend which is a song about how hard it is to make friends when your a serial  killer 🙂 how can you not love that!!??!!!

She rocked out so hard that that she actually jumped in the mosh pit still playing guitar and started to mosh with everyone.. it was great! My husband Frank was even impressed ha ha.
And a pic of me with Kimberly after the show.. 
(To see the rest of my photos from the show check them out HERE!)
Since then I contacted the band and signed up for their street team because they are just so inspiring and kick ass! Kimberly emailed me to tell me that she checked out my art site and that she loves my artwork and is happy to hear I am making her a one of a kind Dead Girl Decay “one eyed” barrette!
Once I get it done I will definitely post photos of it. 
“Serial Killers Are People To!” 
LDG Nicole