Back Bone: The Wishmasters Project – Making Mobility for Grimm Artwork

CaptureI have joined up with The Wishmasters Project for this week’s upcoming auction. They do auction-style fundraising on Instagram to help raise money for those in need. As someone who has had their own fair share of medical financial hardships, I know how hard it can be. That is why I am always trying to find ways I can use my art to give back the way others had helped me.

The current auction is to help Jessica Gimareli of GrimmArtworksDesigns who was in a terrible car accident with multiple life-threatening injuries. She is now wheelchair bound with permanent nerve damage and suffers from chronic pain. She is in need of a vehicle with a special accessible foot pedal device to assist her with driving. The goal of this auction is to help Jessica become mobile again.

The item I have donated is a 2 piece Chucky & Tiff Portrait Print Set. Winner of the auction will receive both a Friends Til The End print and a Barbie Eat Your Heart Out Print. Both will be 8.5″ x 11″ in size.


VENDOR: @exorcist167x
ITEM: 2 Piece Chucky & Tiff Art Print Set
TURN AROUND: Ready To Ship
ITEM INFO: Set will include (2) 8.5″ x 11″ Portrait Prints from artist Living Dead Girl Nicole’s Spitting Image collection. (1) “Friends Til The End” inspired by Chucky and @braddourif and (1) “Barbie Eat Your Heart Out” inspired by @TiffnyMovieStarand @JenniferTilly

In order to bid on my item or any of the other items up for auction please go follow @thewishmastersproject on Instagram for updates, previews of auction items (as they become available), and auction notifications. All bids for items will be placed directly through this Instagram page. Bidding starts tomorrow Friday, July 2th and will end Sunday, July 29th. In order to bid you have to comment your bid on the listing page of the item you want. As of now commenting is closed on their page until the auctions begin.

Stay Spooky & Supportive!
LDG Nicole

4 thoughts on “Back Bone: The Wishmasters Project – Making Mobility for Grimm Artwork

  1. Hey Miss Lady. I just wanted to ask a quick question; have you ever thought about creating a print (of course a shirt too?) of Chucky and Tiff together? I think that’d be amazing. To complement such a portrait, a creation of Mr Brad Durif and Ms Jennifer Tilley would be a priceless set/collection!
    Sorry to have disturbed you; I just wanted to let you know that if any such items came to be, I would be one of-if not the first!- to purchase them!
    Also ma’am, if I may at all ask another question, my daughter loves the ‘Ring’ movies. Would it be possible for you to use your extraordinary talents to create an image of Samarra? Anything your incredible talents deem fit would be great, and it would be very much treasured by daughter.
    By the way, I’ve already got about 6 or 7 of your printed shirts in my Amazon cart! (And I’m dern proud to say that 2 of them are for ME!!! ) Whatever you decide is fine with me. I know you’re extremely busy and I don’t want to take up any more of your time. Thank You for reading this
    Sincerely Yours LDGN,
    Beckie Mitchem


    • A sketch of Glee/Glenda would be so incredible, I can’t find it anywhere! Sam has been asking for doll since first seeing him/her. But if it’s not possible, that’s perfectly fine. She wanted for me to ask.
      Thanks so much,


    • Hi Beckie, You are not disturbing me at all as a matter of fact I LOVE comments and feedback here on my blog. So comment away! As far as the Chucky and Tiff pieces those were actually drawn to compliment each other. Many people take advantage of my 2 for $25 print deal in my Etsy shop to buy both so they can hang them next to each other. Brad Dourif owns the original Chucky one and my dream is to still give the Tiff one to Jennifer Tilly. To crop them into one image for print or shirts may be tricky. As I drew them in a way that they sort of run off the page. As far as Samarra from the Ring, I can totally do that. My custom pieces start at $100 for 8×10 in black and white and go up from there. If she is looking for a split face piece (which I think would be WAY COOL (half normal Samarra and have creepy Samarra) it would start at $150 as those are a little more time consuming. You of course would get the original art piece though. Which I am sure your daughter would love. And then I would be able to do prints and shirts from the scanned image of it. If you are definitely interested in doing the custom piece contact me directly from my website here: and I can do a custom listing for you. I prefer to do custom pieces through Etsy as they are easier to process for both myself and the buyer. I require 1/2 (non-refundable) deposit down to insure the buyer is serious before I put my time and supplies and energy into the piece and then 1/2 + shipping is due when the art piece is done and your ready to have me ship it out to you.


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