Creature Feature: Cosmic Booknews


From time to time I check my WordPress referral links to see how my blog is doing and to also check where my readers are coming from. Well go to find out I got a bunch of new hits and readers last week thanks to Cosmic Booknews.

Go to find out…. they did an article on Chandler Riggs and if his Carl character will be leaving the Walking Dead. Well my Carl Zombie head (that I gifted to Chandler Riggs) must have inspired them because they used it as part of the cover photo of their article (with full credits of course). I had to laugh when I saw it because so many young girls in line to meet Chandler when I gave it to him were asking me if I knew something they didn’t know since I made him into a zombie. I don’t of course. I just thought it was a cool concept. Needless to say those young girls did not share my enthusiasm ha ha ha. They loved the art piece but didn’t want to think of the dream boy as a rotten corpse.

Needless to say… go check out it all out at Cosmic Booknews and give them some love for helping spread the word about my work instead of using a typical istock image!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


Adopt The Undead: Zombie Carl Grimes


Sooo I made a Carl Grimes inspired Zombie Head. I am hoping to give it to Chandler Riggs at Walker Stalker Con. What do you think?

A lot of hard work to make but a ton of fun! Looks like I am gonna have my hands full of artsy gifts to hand out at this one. Really looking forward to it.

Check out more of my other Undead Creations and drop me a line if your interested in having me make you an Undead Friend of your own!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole