Dead Girl Decay: Creepy Cute New Items!


The title of this post sums up the 4 new items I just added to my Etsy Shop! These are all small to medium in size making them great for all ages!

1 of each available and they are only $8 – $10! Get em before they are gone!

New Items.jpg

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


Back Bone: Ax Wound Film Festival


So I have been spending some of my free time these last few months as a judge for the Ax Wound Film Festival. It has been sortof a hush hush project in the works but I am excited to finally bring my followers up to date on it.

Hannah Neurotica reached out to me to be a judge a while a go and I could not have been more honored and excited. Many of you may recognize the name as I am a huge supporter of Woman In Horror Month. Well Hannah is the mastermind behind all of it!

I got to kick it in my pjs from the comfort of my home and watch horror movie shorts directed by amazingly talented woman from around the globe. Perfect gig for me! On top of it could this logo for the film festival be any cooler….


Well in support of the festival and all the awesomeness it stands for… I have also decided to become a prize sponsor. So if you plan to attend this killer event you might win something awesome from yours cruelly!


Keep up with more Ax Wound Film Festival announcements at the following websites:

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole