Back Bone: Venue Revival Shout Out


A nice shout out from Darlene at Another Hole In The Wall for donating my art for their Venue Revival Benefit Show.



Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Back Bone: Raffle Prize donation for Venue Revival


As all of you know I do my art for many reasons. This includes helping out for causes I believe in.  I am donating a Dead Girl Skelefly Decay Barrette, sticker and a signed post card complete with a personal thank you note from me the artist for Another Hole In The Wall’s Venue Revival – 2 Day Event. This venue helps local bands make a name for themselves. They have also helped bands who have fallen a little off the charts get back on the fan radar.

Here is a glimpse of the prize that will be raffled off at the event….



Want to see other items I have donated for wonderful causes? Check them out HERE!

Stay Spooky & Supportive!
LDG Nicole