Back Bone: Creepy Pasta Fundraiser Setup for Stabbing Victim


I am really getting upset with the people who are blaming the parents for being into dark art, horror movies and heavy metal as a scapegoat as to why these 12 year old girls attacked and attempted to murder their friend in Wisconsin. We should be focusing the blame on the fact that these girls did not have remorse and the fact that they can not define reality from fantasy! I have been into horror, Halloween, the macabre, listening to hard rock and heavy metal music since before I was their age and you don’t see me out killing anyone.

Creepy Pasta (the site that these girls claim to be following the Slender Man stories on) put this into a great perspective on their You Caring site that they have set up to raise money for the victim.

In the wake of this cruel event, many people have begun pointing fingers at the Slender-man mythology and by guilt of association, the Creepy Pasta sub-genre of horror. It is creativity at its root. A set of stories written by some and enjoyed by others. Much akin to our urban tales of old and the books written by our literary giants. It is imperative to understand that these things, like almost all works of the horror literary genre, are fiction. Many of these stories yes, are filled with an illusion of reality to them in an effort to make them much more unnerving. However, that does not change the fact that they are concoctions of fantasy. Sure, some of these stories are based on historical events or based upon a well documented case whose elements are terrifying. But these accounts are again: for educational entertainment and are well documented for their truth and real life consequences.

It is considered by many that common sense is applied to fantasy and history. We do not repeat the actions of real life monsters. We do not attempt to replicate the fantasy. We do not in any way condone those who fail to realize the line between fantasy and committing an atrocity. Nor do we condone a lack of security on the parts of the minds of those who read them. Many times when accountability is called into question, the blame is placed not on the perpetrators, but on the supposed fictional root causes. In most cases, the accountability and responsibility is to the teacher who failed to impart the wisdom of what is real and right, and most importantly, failed to pay attention. Please take this moment, if you haven’t, to remember that many things can be avoided, if you teach and to listen.

Please spread this link to their fundraising page. Let’s put this into the right perspective  all while raising money for the victim.

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Dead Girl Massacre Decay: Black Dahlia inspired barrette



This is a barrette I made for my Dead Girl Massacre Decay line. It features a skull complete with a bloody chelsea grin amongst a large black bloody dahlia flower. Inspired by Elizabeth Short aka the Black Dahlia and her unsolved murder.

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