Spitting Image: Siren


9418f9151d014e9eea34072c035b3916--tim-burton-lisa-marieOne of the best parts about being an avid convention goer is that they tend to burn a fire under my ass to complete back burner pieces on my art bucket list. My next piece is no exception. When I heard that Lisa Marie Smith was added as a guest for an upcoming con we will be attending, I knew it was time to finally finish the portrait I had been wanting to do of her.

Although Lisa was a world–renowned model, I first heard of her when she was married to Tim Burton and starring in his movies. I never stopped admiring her work even after their split. I have always found her to be beautiful but I also find her rather fascinating. I think it’s incredible the way she can bring life to a character with very little dialogue. A silent movie actress of our time. That is why I chose to call this split face portrait “Siren”….

Siren Logo.jpg

Half of the portrait is of Lisa as the Lady Martian in Mars Attacks because its one of my all time favorite movies. The other half is a representation of herself and a little bit of Lady Crane in Sleepy Hollow.

Prints and t-shirts are available in both my Etsy and Amazon shops! You can also see more of my portrait work on the Spitting Image page of my website.

Stay Spooky! Ack! Ack!
LDG Nicole


It’s Lords Of Salem Day!



In the voice of the staff of Empire Records I am saying “It’s Lords of Salem Day!!” But I am sure there will be no Rex Manning.. just the beautiful Sheri Moon Zombie! I am still reading the novel and will have it finished by the time I see the movie. It if is any way as tripped out as the novel I am in for a real treat and can not wait! Then again anything Rob Zombie does is a treat in my book!

Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole


Lords of Salem Book Has Arrived!


Lords of Salem Book Has Arrived!

Hooray for Amazon Gift cards (for broke girls like myself)! This just came in the mail and I am so ready to relax, sit back (with my super soft hot pink blanket my friend Janet got me when I was in the hospital) and get my read on!

4/19/13 can’t come soon enough!!!