Team Helena Bonham Carter



I am posting this picture because one, if I had seen it before this whole Anne Hathaway Instagram situation I probably would’ve posted it anyways.

I get why Anne took it down. She doesn’t want drama and she probably doesn’t want poor press. However I think she was right for originally posting it and here is why….

In this day and age girls have terrible role models. Should girls be idolizing those they see on TV and movies all the time … no but it happens. We all do it. It’s a matter of making sure your children are looking up to the right ones.

I don’t have children but I would much rather see my nieces, cousins and goddaughter looking up to someone like Helena Bonham Carter. She is beautiful, amazingly talented and earned her way. She didn’t do it with sex tapes and being famous by association. She doesn’t sell herself out or flaunt herself for fame or attention. She also seems like if you met her she would be amazing to hang out with. She isn’t a cookie cutter person and I admire that most about her. I often think of how cool it would be to sit down with her and Tim Burton and pick their intelligent brains. I wouldn’t even want to be in the same room of stupidity with Kim and Kanye. Which just goes to show what people bring to society.

The Kardashians are a prime example of what is being taught wrong to this generation growing up. Everyone wins, everyone gets a trophy, and it doesn’t really matter how hard you try. And if that doesn’t work post a half naked shot of your “ass”ets and all will be ok again. What is that teaching our youth about success? Not to mention degrading woman by posting naked photos and “leaking” sex tapes to draw attention to ourselves. Yes we should be proud of our bodies. I get that. But why should you have to flaunt your body to be someone? Why can’t you just work hard and be a beautiful person? Earn your way!

So with that you can call me #teamhelenabonhamcarter and I am right there with you Anne! I know you felt you had to take it down but deep down I understand why you posted it to begin with! Thank you for drawing attention to the awesome photo I didn’t know existed! I think it’s bad ass and I completely support it!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Artist Shout Out: Photographer Christopher McKenney


For those who are loyal followers you know that every once in a while I come across a piece of art and if I am completely awed by it I do a shout out on my own art blog for another artist. It has to be something pretty mind blowing. And when I say mind blowing you have to think of how my mind works and what awes me. 🙂

Well today I came across photographer Christopher McKenney. After seeing a blog post of some of his images I HAD to visit his website and then of course his entire Flickr gallery. His photography is absolutely amazing! If you have a morbid mind and a keen imagination I think you will be in awe of his work as well.  I could go through his portfolio for hours and just imagine the stories behind the photos. Seriously check his work out!


Stay Spooky and seriously check this photographer out!
Living Dead Girl Nicole

Artist Shout Out: Elsa meets Uma – Becca Witaker


Thanks to my fellow spookster A Ghoul’s Best Friend I came across this AMAZING piece! As you all know I only do artist shout outs on my own art blog when I see a piece that draws me in both creatively and on a personal level. Something so me that my jaw drops and I can’t stop starring at it and must tell the world about it. As most of you have seen a lot of the pieces I have featured so far have been “mash up masterpieces”. This one definitely fits the “bill”!

Anyone who knows me knows why this piece made me so giddy! Between my husband being “Frank”, my Bride of Frankenstein obsession and my love of Taratino films, this piece stands on out many levels for Living Dead Girl Nicole 🙂

Becca’s Bombshells is where you can find this piece as well as the many other amazing pin up renditions done by Becca Witaker! I seriously can’t stop going through her work! She is very talented, fun and creative! I might have to seriously consider a piece for a future tattoo! It would be an honor for anyone to be her inspirational subject matter (you hear that Becca I won’t turn down a request if you want to draw me ha ha)!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole