Vote for Axe Man’s Bridge to win a Northcoast Band Backdrop or Scrims!


OK everyone PLEASE go vote for my husband’s band Axe Man’s Bridge over here at¬†¬†Northcoast Band Backdrops And Band Scrims!

Remember you have to follow all three steps for your vote to count.

1.) Go to THIS IMAGE!

2.) Comment on the image with Axe Man’s Bridge as your vote. You have to use their full name Axe Man’s Bridge for the vote to count for them!

3.) Like the Northcoast Band Backdrops and Band Scrims Facebook page

4.) Share the image asking all your Facebook fans to also do the same and vote for Axe Man’s Bridge!

My husband’s band could really use one of these backdrops for when they play shows to get more exposure and look professional on stage! We would really appreciate your time to vote for them! Support local music!!!!!