Last Night Summed Up


Well I am sure all of you are waiting on photos from me showing how incredible the Munsters – Hardcore Hearse Club Show was last night. Me giving Butch Patrick my Eddie Munster Portrait. Us showing off our new Bride of Frankenstein Prop I made in the hearse.

Well here is a photo summing up the evening….


Yah needless to say I woke up Friday morning with a tickle in my throat and through out the day my nose was congested. I assumed it might just be the climate change etc. As the night went on I felt worse and I passed out early on the couch watching American Mary on Chiller (which is one of my favorite movies so I usually stay awake for it ha ha).

Saturday when I woke up I was even worse. With my immune system I knew being out in the cold all night would be a really bad idea. So needless to say Frank and I stayed home. I was so upset all day and evening long. I still am. Out of all the hearse events this season this was the one I was the most pumped up for. I am sure you can tell by all of my prep posts.

I still feel aweful and my meds are wearing off so I am gonna stop typing and get some more rest. Maybe watch some ID channel or be thankful that all of the TV channels are having Halloween Horror movie marathons.

I end this post with one word that sums up how I feel right now…. WAH!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole