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I am excited to announce that has a new Etsy Shop app. This means you can shop directly from my official website now! Click on the Shop section of my website to see for yourself! 

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Living Dead Girl Nicole

Deadly Designs – Sign/Poster for South Suburban Food Co-op Store


The South Suburban Food Co-op contacted me to do another design for them. They were very happy with the gift certificates that I designed for them that they wanted to see if I would be willing to design a sign/poster. They wanted something they could hang in their store that gave shoppers the key reasons they should become a member. Something that drew people’s attention but also kept to the feel of the store.

This was the completed piece that I sent to them last week…

I got this email yesterday from them….




I will be taking a trip over there sometime in the upcoming week to see it on display!

Stay Spooky and Healthy!

LDG Nicole