Spitting Image: I Am The Somebody. I’m The Fire.


When invited to go to a 60’s/70’s themed birthday party I didn’t just show up in the requested themed attire, but in the usual Nicole fashion I took it a step further and jumped at the opportunity to show up dressed as my fairy goddess mother (that’s what I call her)… Stevie Nicks. So needless to say I am a big fan of Fleetwood Mac and when I heard Amazon was making a tv show based partially on Fleetwood Mac fan fiction by writer Taylor Jenkins Reid my interest was highly peaked.

I actually counted down the days until Daisy Jones & The Six was streaming on Prime and when the episodes were released I made my husband watch “my rock and roll soap opera” with me every Friday. I’m glad I did because I fell in love with everything about it. The writer’s backstory of the musical influences that inspired the storyline was intriguing (which was much more than Fleetwood Mac and brought me back to the days of helping manage my husband’s band). The talented actors were perfectly casted and incredibly talented (did you know they had to learn how to play music as well as performing together as a band during the pandemic). The fashion was what my 70’s dreams are made of (I love me some bell bottoms, fur edged jackets, and flowing kimonos) and I still can’t stop playing the Aurora album on repeat (they used some heavy hitter song writers to make it as authentic as possible) or singing and humming the songs around the house (my neighbors either love me or hate me at this point). Let Me Down Easy is actually playing on my Mac right now as I type this.

I was excited and sad at the same time the week of the final episode. I wanted to know how they would end it but didn’t want it to end at the same time. To say I have been in engulfed in Daisy Jones & The Six would be an understatement and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Although I loved all the characters in the show I was very fascinated by Daisy Jone herself. Played by Riley Keough (granddaughter of Elvis Presley) I could not help but fall in love with her feisty character. Her struggle to believe in herself after being raised by a family who didn’t support her and her determination to follow her dreams and find true happiness pulled at my heart strings but also motivated me. I picked up my drawing pencils and put all my other projects on hold as soon as the inspiration struck and have been working on this piece ever since.

I call it “I Am The Somebody. I’m The Fire.” inspired by two different Daisy quotes that I feel sum up her journey. It was done in pencil and chalk pastels and I used references from various scenes and photo shoots Riley had done during her career but focused mainly on her look from the Aurora photo shoot episode (above).

I hope one day I will be graced with Riley’s presence and can gift her the original art piece and show her how much her talent has inspired my own. And although Daisy didn’t want to be anyones muse, I will never deny that she was indeed the “inspiration for my next big idea” and I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

If you are a Riley and Daisy fan, I have prints and made-to-order t-shirts featuring this art piece for sale in my online Etsy and Amazon shops and will also have prints available to purchase in store at Closet Collectibles in Crete, IL as soon as I do my next art drop off.

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Freaky Fanatics: Sami at FandomGalCentral Pt. 2


I want to give a shout out once again to Sami at FandomGalCentral. She has been sharing my artwork with her followers on Instagram this month and I could not be more grateful.

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Spitting Image: Insect Politics


Did you ever have a movie that sort of freaked you out enough that it has stuck with you over the years? No pun intended, but as a kid in the 80’s, David Cronenberg’s remake of The Fly was one of those movies for me. Not only were the special effects both impressive and grotesque, but the empath in me can’t help but feel all the feels when Seth tells Ronnie she can never come back due to “Insect Politics”. Top that off with that precious baboon hug and that shot gun blast and yah.. it sticks with ya.

None of this changes for me no matter how many times I watch the film and being a big fan of Jeff Goldblum this art piece has been on my art bucket list for many years. I knew I wanted to do one of my split face portraits and try to utilize the “Brundlefly” phase that was more obviously insect. I also wanted to utilize that soft, smokey, eerie green glow that I love so much in 80’s movies and is very prominent in the film and it’s branding.

For many months I have been working on this piece on and off. One because I had to figure out a way to make the insect mesh with Seth’s face and two, I have been trying to take more time when working on my art pieces. No rushing. Just letting things flow. Ironically whenever I had not worked on the piece for awhile I would get what I would refer to as “Goldblum Signs” that would inspire me to take time to work on it. This was happening so randomly and timely that even my husband would see Jeff Goldblum on something, point it out and say “it’s a sign… time to get working on your portrait”. Well needless to say, I finally completed it using pencil, charcoal and pastels and of corpse decided to call it “Insect Politics”.

I dream to one day cross paths and meet the legend that is Jeff Goldblum and gift him the original art piece. Are you listening universe? I am putting it out there and would love to manifest this moment that would stick 🪰 with me all of my life.. just like the film does.

Are any of my Freaky Fanatics a fan of this film or Jeff? I have prints and made-to-order t-shirts for sale in my Etsy and Amazon shops. Prints will also be made available to purchase in store at Closet Collectibles in Crete, IL as soon as I do my next art drop off.

Want to see more of my portrait drawings? You can find them on the Spitting Image page of my portfolio website!

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Backbones: Limited Edition Sid Haig Memorial Necklaces


I am a little late for Giving Tuesday, but I have had something in the works for months now that I can finally announce. My soul sister Suzie is in need of some financial help so I came up with an idea to use my art to help raise some money for her much needed medical/living expenses and the memorial she has been wanting to do for her departed husband and my dear friend Sid Haig.

Suzie & Sid Haig with Living Dead Girl Nicole

After receiving Suzie’s blessing I am now able to offer Sid Haig Memorial Necklaces and I have decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of these necklaces to her.

These necklaces feature my Well Shit The Bed portrait that I drew and gifted to Sid for his birthday in 2017. The title of the art piece was inspired by an inside joke from the first time I met him back in 2004 and the portrait was a tribute to the beautiful friendship I was honored to have with him thereafter. The portrait represents him as himself on one side and as the horror villain icon Captain Spaulding on the other.

I had a limited run of the charms professionally printed and cut out of acrylic. They measure 2″ x 1.5″. I then added metal rings and put them on 20″ waxed faux leather cords (unisex) with lobster clasps and 2″ extender chain (for adjustable length). The backs of the charms are covered in a pure white that allows the portrait to pop through the layer of acrylic on top giving it dimension.

Each one comes in a purple organza bag making them perfect for gifting as well.

These wearable pieces of art are a unique way to support the legendary Sid Haig while also helping the love of his life in her time of need. They are now available with a limited quantity in my Etsy shop (I will continue to renew the listing until they sell out) and a handful will also be available to purchase in person at Closet Collectibles in Crete IL.

Don’t forget to check out my other art inspired fundraising efforts on the Backbones page of my official portfolio website and support some of the great causes and charities that are listed while you are there!

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