Stop Monsanto’s secret plan to Kill GMO labeling!


As someone that has been battling digestive issues for almost 10 years, has had their large intestine removed because of it and still has to watch what I eat and the labels on food I ask you to PLEASE take a couple seconds of your time to go sign this petition online! I would really appreciate it. Passing it on would be fantastic as well.

We are what we eat!

More info:

Right now Monsanto and giant food companies are scheming behind the scenes with the Grocery Manufacturers Association to introduce a bill in Congress that would kill mandatory GMO labeling efforts and replace it with a gutted version of a bill that to preempt state’s rights and give the illusion of serious regulation.

This plan is so devious that it radically speeds up the approval process for new GMO crops, limits the FDA and USDA’s ability to extend premarket safety reviews, declares GMO foods “safe” and redefines genetically engineered foods as “bioengineered” in order to sanitize this deeply flawed technology for the American public.

Even worse, the proposed bill only requires a federal GMO “label on any products” from GMO plants “if those ingredients present a health or safety risk.” Something the U.S. government has refused to admit for more than 20 years! Think they’re going to start telling the truth about GMOs now?

This also allows them to label GMO products as “ALL NATURAL”

This is an outrageous power grab to deny Americans their basic right to GMO labeling and protect flawed GMO products and we can’t allow them to get away with it. We need your help today. Every voice counts!

Every voice counts.