Loves: Rob Zombie’s 31


Well as most of you know Rob Zombie launched his crowd funding website for the movie 31 today. It figures.. here I am struggling with hospital bills and don’t have the funds to donate to the man who inspires so much of everything I do.

Some of my biggest dreams are on the list of things you can get for donating. One being a movie extra in the film. That is something I have wished for since before he made House of 1000 Corpses. I always said.. “if Rob Zombie ever made a horror film I would scrap blood and guts off the floor just to be a part of it”

Then there is the chance to go to the movie premiere! To get to sit with him and the cast and enjoy all the festivities.  I guess that one would be pushing my luck for me. I have had the honor of meeting and even partying with the cast of his past films for free but it would still be awesome to be a part of.

An ORIGINAL piece of Rob Zombie art! We all know how much he inspires me in this department.

Last but not least 2 lifetime laminates that get you into every Rob Zombie show VIP style for life! I have seen him so many times in concert that I honestly have probably paid that much if not more already in tickets ha ha. Just wish I was able to afford it now. This would be the ultimate thing for Frank and I to have. If anyone knows us they know we are the biggest Rob Zombie fans. We have people come to us with Rob Zombie questions and when they see Rob Zombie anything they think of us. We never missed a Rob Zombie show until I started to get sick. And even when I was in recovery we still went to Mayhem Fest even when our broke asses had to sit in the lawn instead of standing in front of the stage in the pit like we normally do.

God this is another thing in life that me being sick is holding me back from.  Now I am going to go off.. feel sorry for myself and hate my life.