Remains: Eddie Van Halen Cake


Ok so I can finally post the irony of the picture in yesterday’s post

I was in the middle of posting it when I realized I am the homicidal maniac LOL.  All along for weeks I had plans to make my brother’s birthday cake and here the post said somewhere out there is a homicidal maniac with a cake for him ha ha. I couldn’t add it to the post because I was determined to surprise my brother and make him a Eddie Van Halen inspired cake. I figured for his 40th it had to be pretty special and he really loves Eddie Van Halen.

I was really happy with the way it came out because I don’t normally decorate cakes. I have done a few in the past but it’s been a really long time. I was even happier with my brother’s reaction to it.

The cake itself was red velvet with Dr. Pepper (instead of oil and eggs) and the frosting was red vanilla frosting (thank god it’s Valentine’s day time and this was at the store because making that would have been a bitch). The black and white stripe designs inspired by Eddie’s guitar were just regular decorating icing from Michael’s. The cake was really moist and actually really good. I was nervous how it was going to come out cause I used the whole boxed cake mix with pop concoction.

Right after I finished decorating it.

Right after I finished decorating it.

Right before the candles were lit

Right before the candles were lit

Stay Spooky and Keep Rockin’,
LDG Nicole

Inspirations: Happy Birthday to the Super Beast .. Mr. Rob Zombie


I know you guys are probably sick of see this same photo every time I do a shout out to Rob Zombie, but think about it.. wouldn’t you post this if it were you? Uh Hell Yes! Best concert experience of my life getting to meet him and Sheri. So with that here it is again ha ha.

Happy Birthday Rob Zombie!

Happy Birthday Mr. Rob Zombie!!!
Living Dead Girl Nicole and Rob Zombie

Thank you for teaching me that art is not about rainbows and butterflies!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

P.S. Yesterday was my Dad’s 60th Birthday. Tonight we are going out to eat to celebrate. Expect a very fun and art filled post next week!