Living Dead School Girl Update and Venomous Rats!


Living Dead School Girl

Well as recovery gets better over time I am also still trying to keep up with my Desktop Publishing studies. I just submitted my next graded project. I had to do a CD cover and label for a band. How perfect is it that I was able to use my husband’s band, Axe Man’s Bridge as my inspiration. I had to use the assignment guidelines, colors etc. but I think it came out pretty good because I gave it my own flare with some fun rocker more darker fonts. We will see once it gets graded. I just submitted it today. After this I have a few more courses and graded projects to complete and then I will be done with my program. I am hoping to be done by August as long as my health doesn’t hold me back any further. I just keep trucking along and keep pushing myself to move forward the best that I can.

Speaking of CD covers.. Happy Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor Day!

Stay Spooky, Smart and Listening to Zombie!

LDG Nicole

It’s Lords Of Salem Day!



In the voice of the staff of Empire Records I am saying “It’s Lords of Salem Day!!” But I am sure there will be no Rex Manning.. just the beautiful Sheri Moon Zombie! I am still reading the novel and will have it finished by the time I see the movie. It if is any way as tripped out as the novel I am in for a real treat and can not wait! Then again anything Rob Zombie does is a treat in my book!

Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole


Happy 10 Year Anniversary House of 1000 Corpses!


Happy Anniversary to my crazy Firefly family!!


Living Dead Girl Nicole and Rob Zombie


Living Dead GIrl Nicole with Sheri Moon Zombie


Living Dead Girl Nicole with her husband Frank and Sid Haig


Living Dead Girl Nicole and Bill Moseley


Frank with Matt McGrory


Living Dead Girl Nicole and Irwin Keyes

Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole

Lords of Salem Book Has Arrived!


Lords of Salem Book Has Arrived!

Hooray for Amazon Gift cards (for broke girls like myself)! This just came in the mail and I am so ready to relax, sit back (with my super soft hot pink blanket my friend Janet got me when I was in the hospital) and get my read on!

4/19/13 can’t come soon enough!!!