Reflections – Howl and Decayed Fae


Two new photos I captured recently…

I call this one “Howl”. You would actually be surprised that I did very little editing to this one. That is literally how amazing the sky looked and how awesome the camera captured it.

I call this one “Decayed Fae” and I did use some editing skills on this one to give it a darker feel.

It’s great when you have inspiration right outside your doorstep. I took “Howl” on my front porch and I took “Decayed Fae” on my back porch! Art is all around us. You just have to be open to it.

Stay Spooky and Inspired!

LDG Nicole


Reflections – New photo art for Axe Man’s Bridge


Here is some new photo art I did from some of the photos I have taken of Axe Man’s Bridge. I thought I would play around with them and make them so they match their Facebook and Reverbnation pages.

Stay Spooky and Keep Rockin’

LDG Nicole