Deadly Designs: My Flier Displayed at Red Line Tap


One of the funnest parts about making fliers for bands is when you go to the venue and see that they printed out the flier you made and have it displayed on the walls.

Last night at the Axe Man’s Bridge show the first thing I noticed was my flier on the wall. I also loved how well it stood out from the rest! I immediately smiled and then of course immediately had to take a picture. Not only because I came up with it but because I knew it helped the band I made it for. If I noticed it in the venue then how many others noticed it as well! Mission accomplished!


Stay Spooky and Keep Rockin’!
LDG Nicole

Deadly Designs: Axe Man’s Bridge Red Line Tap Show Flier


Just created this flier for Axe Man’s Bridge’s next show! Used the Chicago, December winter cold and Jack the “axe man” from the Shining as inspiration!