Remains: 1961 Aurora Frankenstein Model Resurrected


About 4 years ago my husband surprised me by bringing home a project for us. It was a box of various pieces of vintage 1960’s Universal Monster Models made by Aurora. He bought them from a co-worker who had previously put them together and painted them as a kid… hence why they became a fun “project” for us.

As you may recall we completed the Creature From The Black Lagoon and decided to give that one to our tattoo artist and friend Kenny as a thank you gift. The rest would remain in our collection to add to Universal Monster themed living room.

Well the project of completing Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman came to a screeching hault because before we knew it I was in the hospital having surgery after surgery. Well I am happy to say that things have slowed down and I spent part of my weekend completing Frankenstein while watching The Little Mermaid. Seems like I should have been watching that when I did the Creature model instead but I needed an Ariel fix.

So here are some shots I took of the model right before I painted it….


And here are photos of it after I painted it and my husband put it all back together.

WP_20150511_18_41_21_Pro WP_20150511_18_41_32_Pro

WP_20150511_18_41_42_Pro WP_20150511_18_41_52_Pro

Some great close up shots my husband took of it…

V__D436 V__FA24

Will post once we complete Dracula and The Wolfman! Can’t wait to have them side by side on our shelf!

See more misc. art I have done on the Remains section of my website.

Stay Spooky,
LDG Nicole

Remains: Bride of Frankenstein Model


I love when my husband comes home from the hobby store with a new artsy project for us to tackle together…


And what better project for us then a model form of┬áFrankenstein and his bride ­čÖé

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Remains: Valentines for the Troops and Vets


My work does a lot of  fun and heart felt projects!  This week they provided us with blank cards, markers and stickers and asked us to make one valentine to be sent to an over seas soldier and one to be sent to a vet. They are going to collect them and have them delivered.

I decided to get a little creative with the heart sticker and show them how much they rock ­čÖé


Not bad for limited freebie art supplies! ­čÖé Rock on!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Living Dead School Girl is on her way!


Living Dead School Girl

Just submitted my next graded project for my Desktop Publishing and Design program. I am pretty happy with how I have done so far. I have gotten a 100 on every graded project I have done. My next project is my final graded project. Then I have some more studies to do and my final exam. After that I will have completed the program and will receive my career diploma ­čÖé

On top of it all I have been offered a new full time job opportunity as an entry level Marketing Coordinator and am already incorporating the skills I have learned from my courses as we use Indesign to edit our marketing flyers. I also got contacted recently to do some more design work by the South Suburban Food Co-op. It feels great knowing that I chose a education path that will mesh well with what I can do career wise.  So many people go to school for something and then end up choosing a completely different career path. I may one day do the same but for now I am happy to be on the track I set out for myself.

I am still re-cooping from all the various surgeries and complications I have faced since January but 2013 is a year of whole new beginnings for me. I feel as though I am starting over but not on the bottom of the┬átotem┬ápole but as a fresh new start. I have been wanting to have surgery and get my digestive motility disorder taken care of for years, been wanting to advance my education in some creative/artistic way and I have been wanting to do a full time job that is more “me”. With all of this ┬ácame a lot of tears, suffering, and set backs but it will all be worth it in the end. I look at my surgery scars and refer to them now as my battle wounds. They are my “Frankenstein” stitches that put me back together again to give me a new life. I just have to keep trucking along and remind myself that everything I have faced has only made me stronger . As my brother has told me “you can do it soldier” ­čÖé ……..and he is right!

Stay Spooky and Motivated!

LDG Nicole