Spitting Image: ORIGINAL Portraits up for sale!


I have gotten many inquiries in the past asking me if I will sell my original portraits because I only offer prints in my Etsy shop. To be completely honest I have issues with parting with my work. After you put your heart, soul, time and energy into a piece and then you hand it over to someone else, all you can do is hope they appreciate everything that went into creating it.

Well I have decided it’s time to let go. I have decided to put some of my original pieces up for sale in my Etsy shop. Some are older pieces. Some are newer pieces. Some have never even been available as prints in my shop.

My husband Frank and I really want to invest in a house. We have lived in a town home for 13 years now and all the money we had saved to put down on a house has gone to my doctors, hospitals and surgeries. Before that it went to more doctors, testing, procedures, special diet food and medications. A house is something we dream of and after all we have gone through might have to work even harder to get there but it will be worth it when we do. Letting go and allowing others to enjoy my creations is a big part of that. So know that if you purchase my art you are helping us fulfill a dream that has been put on the back burner for us for many years.

So now is your chance to get your hands on an original piece of my art by purchasing them in my Etsy shop! Look for the word ORIGINAL at the beginning of the listing. While supplies last of course as they are all one of kind pieces. Each piece will come with a letter of authenticity that will be typed up and signed by yours cruelly!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole