Spitting Image: The Lovers. The Dreamers. And Me.


Anyone who knows me or even just follows my artistic journey knows how much Jim Henson has influenced and continues to inspire me. That is why I am very excited to finally share a new art piece that has been on my art bucket list for way too long.

I have always wanted to draw Jim Henson but was not sure how I would come up with what I considered a good enough tribute to someone that has brought so magic into my world. Then last September when his 85th Birthday was upon us, I got a vision of what I wanted to do and I started planning it out. Work, life and filling art orders got in the way but I continued to work on it slowly but surely. I am so happy I did not rush myself to complete it. I took my time because this piece is truly very special to me.

The vision I had for this piece was to pay tribute to the joy he brought into this world from the beginning of his career from the Sam and Friends days to his time on Sesame Street and the Muppet Show. And it was not just Jim’s look I wanted to show that had transitioned over the years but also wanted to incorporate the old and new looks of Kermit. From an abstract lizard made out of his Mother’s coat to the iconic frog we all love and recognize today.

I am so happy to finally be able to share this split face portrait done in pencil and chalk pastels that I call “The Lovers. The Dreamers. And Me.”

You can see this art piece and my other portrait drawings showcased on the Spitting Image page of my portfolio website.

For those who are interested in purchasing prints or wearing this art piece on a shirt, you can find them listed in my Etsy and Amazon shops. Prints will also be made available at at Closet Collectibles in Crete, IL as soon as I make my next art drop to replenish my store shelves.

Stay Spooky & Magical!

LDG Nicole

A Groovy and Monstrous Halloween 2021!


This past weekend was not only our favorite holiday (Halloween of corpse) but it was also our 12 year wedding anniversary as well. The weekend started off rainy and cloudy but we took some time off work and headed on a little road trip for a few days so we could have our anniversary dinner at Famous Monsters Pizza! Horror and pizza HELL-o! Of corpse sign us up!

We got back home in time to celebrate Halloween Samhain which turned out to be a beautiful sunny, brisk fall day here in the Midwest. I was so excited to be able to cross another character off my Costume Bucket List making this year the grooviest of them all!

So here I am. The Jim Henson geek that you all know and love paying homage to one of my favorite Muppets.. Dr. Teeth leader of the Electric Mayhem Band!

It was so much fun making and putting the pieces of this costume together. As someone who does not crochet I commissioned the help of my very talented friend Emily of Emily’s Art Alley who custom made my vest! The base of the vest is all crochet and she dyed and attached the tassels to it. I originally had considered wearing one of my crochet hippie vests in my closet but am so glad I didn’t. Emily nailed it and it pulled everything I made myself, brainstormed and gathered completely come together. This is now by far one of my favorite costumes I have attempted and there have been MANY! You can see a few of them featured on the Skinned page of my portfolio website.

Hmm now what to do next year?!

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole

Remains : MOFFINS are here!


I took my love of Jim Henson creatures (hence the cute monster faces) and mixed it with my love of the macabre (coffin boxes) and created… the MOFFINS!


They are 6″ coffin boxes made into monsters and come in different colors! Right now the ones in the photo (green, orange, purple and blue) are pre-made/ready to ship to the first person who buys them. I am also taking custom orders where you can specify the color of the monster’s skin, eyes, fur and how many teeth!

Here is a photo of the inside of the boxes…


Buy them now in my Etsy shop!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Artist Shout Out: Six Gables


As you all know, I do Artist Shout Out posts when I come across a handmade creation or art piece that blows me away. It allows me to share with my customers and followers my appreciation for other artists I have discovered. Well my recent purchase from Deana of Six Gables made me turn on the laptop and start typing!

All I had to do was search Etsy for monsters (of course) and before I knew it I was looking for monster bags. In the feed I noticed furry faces and immediately contacted Deana about doing a custom order for me. See I love my scary horror monsters but as most of you already know I have a total Jim Henson and Muppet obsession. I also love me some colorful fun fur and her shop was full of it. Just like her bags, Deana is imaginative and fun to work with. You tell her what colors you like and the attitude you want your monster to have and anything your into and she goes to work. My requests were for the monster to be a boy, to have purple fur, lime green horns/eyes, and of course my love for the macabre incorporated for the inside fabric. She was awesome enough to send me a photo when my Nom Nom Monster bag was done. The turn around was insanely quick!

As soon as I saw the package had arrived in the mail I tore it open. To my surprise there was an adorable note inside that told me all about my new monster friend… Arturo!


I of course was a total cheese ball the minute I saw him. He was perfect. Just looking at him screamed “Hi Nicole, I was made for you! Love me!” and I could not be happier.


Living Dead Girl Nicole and Arturo

One of the things I noticed right away was how the craftsmanship was on point! For how quick the turn around was it is still durable, made of high quality materials and you can tell Deana is a master at her trade.


The inside of Arturo has this awesome sugar skull fabric as well as the pockets made of dancing skeleton material to satisfy my love for the macabre by still keeping it cute. Not to mention the adorable red leather tongue and white teeth! The bag I chose was the larger bag and as you can see it holds all of my stuff including my medications, glasses case and all the rest of my junk perfectly.

I have already started to use the bag regularly and have gotten a ton of compliments on it. I even refer to digging something out of my purse as “let’s see if Arturo ate it” ha ha. I can’t express how all around fun this bag is and how awesome Deana is to work with. I highly recommend contacting her if you want a monster of your own or are looking for a Christmas gift for that unique person in your life! She has plenty of items available in her shop that are ready to ship. She does them in various sizes including large bags like Arturo, medium size bags, and sporran hip bags! You can even have a girl monster made with a cute little bow on her head!

Contact Deana at Six Gables and adopt your own monster friend today! Make sure to tell her Living Dead Girl Nicole sent you! You can also find her on Facebook!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole