Living Dead School Girl is on her way!


Living Dead School Girl

Just submitted my next graded project for my Desktop Publishing and Design program. I am pretty happy with how I have done so far. I have gotten a 100 on every graded project I have done. My next project is my final graded project. Then I have some more studies to do and my final exam. After that I will have completed the program and will receive my career diploma ­čÖé

On top of it all I have been offered a new full time job opportunity as an entry level Marketing Coordinator and am already incorporating the skills I have learned from my courses as we use Indesign to edit our marketing flyers. I also got contacted recently to do some more design work by the South Suburban Food Co-op. It feels great knowing that I chose a education path that will mesh well with what I can do career wise.  So many people go to school for something and then end up choosing a completely different career path. I may one day do the same but for now I am happy to be on the track I set out for myself.

I am still re-cooping from all the various surgeries and complications I have faced since January but 2013 is a year of whole new beginnings for me. I feel as though I am starting over but not on the bottom of the┬átotem┬ápole but as a fresh new start. I have been wanting to have surgery and get my digestive motility disorder taken care of for years, been wanting to advance my education in some creative/artistic way and I have been wanting to do a full time job that is more “me”. With all of this ┬ácame a lot of tears, suffering, and set backs but it will all be worth it in the end. I look at my surgery scars and refer to them now as my battle wounds. They are my “Frankenstein” stitches that put me back together again to give me a new life. I just have to keep trucking along and remind myself that everything I have faced has only made me stronger . As my brother has told me “you can do it soldier” ­čÖé ……..and he is right!

Stay Spooky and Motivated!

LDG Nicole