Frankenhearse has arrived!


For many many years I have always wanted to own a hearse. My husband has bought muscle cars and hot rods over the years and my dream was always to own a hearse. Well it was not that long ago my husband sold his 1969 Cougar and after doing my usual hearse gawking online I came across a little gem I have been referring to as Frankenhearse for sale. I was drawn to it because of the colors. It reminded me of Bride of Frankenstein meets Frankenstein Monster due to the paint job and the immaculate green interior. It is a 1983 Cadillac S&S Coach. It was originally white but the owners added the green exterior paint to match in the interior. They also added green lights to the interior and exterior lamps.

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Well my husband Frank made my creepy little dreams a reality! With my medical bills being ready to be official paid off this month and the deal being too good to pass up for the condition of this hearse…. we jumped on it. We are going to keep with the Frankenhearse theme I envisioned from the start and add it to our obsessive Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein collecting. It is going to be our show car. It will have antique plates and only driven for special occasions. We plan to attend hearse and car shows and even vend my art from the back of it. We have already been in touch with the Hardcore Hearse Club and can’t wait to get involved. I am even helping them build a website for the club! We are in talks of going back to Hell Michigan for their annual hearse show and camp out! So much fun this thing is going to be for us!


We are so ready to go hearsing around!!!! More pictures of this baby will be posted soon as we add our own touches to it! Dad get your airbrush tools ready! 😉

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole