Loves: Happy Birthday Elvira!


#tbt to the times we met my idol…..


The woman I have wanted to be ever since I was a young batling. Other girls wanted to look like Barbie and when I saw my Dad’s cardboard cut out of Elvira I knew Barbie had it all wrong. I even attempted it for Halloween when I was about 8/9 years old….

The best part was telling Cassandra about this in person. How my Mom wouldn’t let me cut the top or bottom of the dress. Even back then I was obsessed with making sure my Halloween costumes were on point ha ha.

Happy Birthday Cassandra Peterson! Thank you for making these memorable moments a reality. Especially the day I gave you my Sinderella portrait. I will forever be grateful for your reaction that day when I gave it to you!

I am honored to have you tattoo’d on my arm as a part of my Pretty Scary sleeve! So many people see it and reminisce about how much they adore you. They tell me stories and talk about how stunning you are and how you always have been.


Thank you for inspiring woman that it’s sexy to be different!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Happy Anniversary Etsy!



Happy Anniversary to the website that opened so many new doors for me as an artist!

Here is to 10 years of Etsy and many more to come!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Inspirations: Get your drink on Route 66 cause my Dad rocks!


So yesterday my husband, Frank and I had to stop by the local hobby store. They now are carrying more snacks and fun beverages and we noticed they  had Route 66 “soda” (we call it pop in Chicago but whatever ha ha) in their mini fridge. We of course had to get one seeing my Dad’s artwork is featured on the back of the bottles 🙂 Made my heart smile to see them in the store we were at. I get the same way any time I am in a store and see his work on greeting cards that he has designed.



Did you know that the Route 66 Design work featuring my Dad’s work on the back was actually winner of the 2010 Clear Choice Awards for best package for a carbonated beverage 🙂 Yep my Dad rocks!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Inspirations: “Say It With Your Project”


This commercial actually gave me chills. It’s parents like this who embrace their children’s uniqueness that rock in my book! Bravo to the company and the message of their advertisement. Not only was it creative but it sends an awesome message!