Freaky Fanatics: Jen and Sylvia Soska rocking American Mary Dead Girl Decay Barrettes!


Well I checked my email and there was quite the treat waiting for me. Two photos from the beautiful twisted twins themselves, Jen and Sylvia Soska (AKA The Soska Sisters of Twisted Twins Productions)! The photos are of the ladies looking amazing (as always) while rocking the American Mary Dead Girl Decay Barrettes that I made for them.

I created these barrettes because I was planning on giving them to the lovely ladies in person at a local horror movie convention. I was so stoked to finally get to meet them and then I ended up back in the hospital. My surgery fell a week before the convention and I was stuck in bed recovering. I was extremely bummed out. Lucky for me these gals are amazing. I reached out to them to tell them what happened and they got in touch with me.

I decided to do the barrettes in the American Mary theme because the movie has become one of my all time favorites.  When the movie came out I was intrigued because it was a Soska Sisters movie but also because Katharine Isabelle was the lead role of Mary (and you all know how much I adore her). I remember watching it and thinking “FINALLY! A new creative direction in the horror movie industry! FINALLY!” It was a breath of bloody fresh air. I was getting a bit frustrated at the time when every movie preview I saw was for a remake. On top of it seeing the confusion in younger horror fans thinking these movies were big new ideas (which in turn means never giving the classics a chance). American Mary came out during a much needed time in the industry and I could not have been happier. I remember when the movie was over I literally said “BRAVO!” and clapped!

I admire what the Soska Sisters are doing in the horror industry and what a positive representation they have become for woman in horror. On top of it anyone that uses Katharine Isabelle as their muse is definitely a genius in my book.

These ladies really are amazing and these photos are a perfect example of that! 


Here is an up close photo I took of the barrettes before I sent them out…


 And for added fun here is a photo of me on 4th of July rocking my American Mary shirt proudly….


Stay Spooky!
Living Dead Girl Nicole