Loves: Halloween Hair


Well the only thing I got accomplished on this long weekend was when it first started and I dyed my hair. The black, dark violet, orchid and red was finally growing out and with fall comes orange. HA HA I know that sounds funny but, anyone that knows me knows that when fall time comes I always find some way to incorporate orange into my hair. No matter what the base color is. For many years I would put streaks of it in my fire engine red hair and have that firey look. I don’t know how this started or even what year I started to do it but it just always tends to happen no matter what my base color is.  When my husband and I got married in 2009 I made sure that on that day on Halloween there were orange streaks in my reddish brown hair 🙂 Orange also doesn’t seem to be a very popular color which is another reason I think I am drawn to it. Since pinkish toned purples and reds seem to have turned trendy right now and well you know me I start those bad boys not follow them ha ha my hair could not have been growing out at a better time. So with September comes change and my orange is back!! YAY!

So I kept my dark base color and the dark violet since it’s not a pinkish toned purple and it has grown on me. Been rocking this dark violet now for months. Even had my whole hair this color for quite some time (as seen on my bio page). Then I added in the infamous autumn orange.

After I was done and my hair was dry I looked in the mirror and was like..
“well Nicole not only do you live Halloween… now your hair does too! ROCK ON!” Love it.

The downfall.. I didn’t get to show a single lost soul my new hair color because I have been sick the entire rest of my long labor day weekend.  I had plans of doing some artistic creations this weekend and even visiting and catching up with friends and the only person I got to see was the doctor and the only artistic creation was my hair which I didn’t get to show anyone.. so I am posting it ha ha ha ha.

DSCF3344 (546x800)

The good thing is the meds the doctors gave me are working so I should be all good to make a dream come true for myself next weekend which will make up for this lousy one (in time my friends… not posting about it until it happens ha ha).

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole