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Keeping the faith on this one!


Stay Spooky!
Living Dead Girl Nicole


Reflections: Month of Macabre October Photo Challenge


I usually don’t do these but I find this one right up my creepy little alley so I am started my first post yesterday on my Tumblr


Heads and Tails: Which ’90s Babe Is Your Style Icon Quiz


Thank you to my friend Heather for sending me this awesome quiz.

Which ’90s Babe Is Your Style Icon.

My result…
Hell yeah! Right on! Rockin’ the combat boots…don’t care what any one thinks… artsy kind of girl! 😉

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Heads and Tails: Adventure Time Online Princess Creator


Meet LDG – Princess of the land of the living dead he he! 😉 This is all thanks to the Online Adventure Time Princess Creator!

Now that I made this it reminds me of how I was compared to Marceline when I was interviewed by Barista Books. I think they were pretty right on ha ha. I could totally see my Adventure Time version of myself kicking it with her! Just wish the app had tattoos to match my real life arms 🙂