Remains: 1961 Aurora Frankenstein Model Resurrected


About 4 years ago my husband surprised me by bringing home a project for us. It was a box of various pieces of vintage 1960’s Universal Monster Models made by Aurora. He bought them from a co-worker who had previously put them together and painted them as a kid… hence why they became a fun “project” for us.

As you may recall we completed the Creature From The Black Lagoon and decided to give that one to our tattoo artist and friend Kenny as a thank you gift. The rest would remain in our collection to add to Universal Monster themed living room.

Well the project of completing Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman came to a screeching hault because before we knew it I was in the hospital having surgery after surgery. Well I am happy to say that things have slowed down and I spent part of my weekend completing Frankenstein while watching The Little Mermaid. Seems like I should have been watching that when I did the Creature model instead but I needed an Ariel fix.

So here are some shots I took of the model right before I painted it….


And here are photos of it after I painted it and my husband put it all back together.

WP_20150511_18_41_21_Pro WP_20150511_18_41_32_Pro

WP_20150511_18_41_42_Pro WP_20150511_18_41_52_Pro

Some great close up shots my husband took of it…

V__D436 V__FA24

Will post once we complete Dracula and The Wolfman! Can’t wait to have them side by side on our shelf!

See more misc. art I have done on the Remains section of my website.

Stay Spooky,
LDG Nicole

Etsy Shop Temporarily Closed Due To Medical Procedures


Artist Living Dead Girl Nicole is temporarily unable to fill orders at this time. This bride of Frankenstein is under more medical procedures that require some recovery time. Her shop will re-open for a short period of time to fill any pre-made/ready to ship orders until she has surgery on August 1st. At that time her shop will temporarily close again until she has risen from her grave and is able to keep up with shop requests.

She encourages any pre-made ready to ship orders when her shop is open. These types of orders will be greatly appreciated as they will help with medical expenses while she is unable to work. Please do not be spooked and continue to place these types of orders. Just remember to be patient if there are any delays in shipping. Her Frankenstein will be helping her get things shipped out as quickly as possible. Custom made to order pieces of art will not resume until she is fully recovered so please keep that in mind when contacting her with your requests or placing any orders for items that need customization or have to be made. This includes art prints as those are printed at the time they are ordered. She welcomes you to continue to send your special item requests and she will let you know approximately when she will be able to get them created and filled.

For more info about her condition, stay up to date on her recovery and/or to make a monetary donation please visit

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Living Dead Girl Nicole

via Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole by LivingDeadGirlNicole on Etsy.

Artist Shout Out: Elsa meets Uma – Becca Witaker


Thanks to my fellow spookster A Ghoul’s Best Friend I came across this AMAZING piece! As you all know I only do artist shout outs on my own art blog when I see a piece that draws me in both creatively and on a personal level. Something so me that my jaw drops and I can’t stop starring at it and must tell the world about it. As most of you have seen a lot of the pieces I have featured so far have been “mash up masterpieces”. This one definitely fits the “bill”!

Anyone who knows me knows why this piece made me so giddy! Between my husband being “Frank”, my Bride of Frankenstein obsession and my love of Taratino films, this piece stands on out many levels for Living Dead Girl Nicole 🙂

Becca’s Bombshells is where you can find this piece as well as the many other amazing pin up renditions done by Becca Witaker! I seriously can’t stop going through her work! She is very talented, fun and creative! I might have to seriously consider a piece for a future tattoo! It would be an honor for anyone to be her inspirational subject matter (you hear that Becca I won’t turn down a request if you want to draw me ha ha)!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Slasher Sale Coupon Code: 15 years with my Frankenstein


Feet Off the Couch by Katt Karter

15 years ago today my husband Frank and I went on our very first date. It was our high school Homecoming dance our Senior year of high school.  I rocked a short red dress with Gothic lace overlay.


I laugh as I look at this photo of us 15 years later.  We recently attended our friends wedding and once again without thought I wore a dress with black Gothic lace overlay. I also noticed my hair is back to the same length it was back then which is also pretty funny ha ha.


I guess some things never change. Including our love for one another.  Which means in celebration of 15 years with my high school sweetheart you get to reap the rewards!

Enter FRANKENSTEIN15 during check out at my Etsy shop to receive 15% off your order. This coupon code is good today 10/24 (anniversary of our first date) through Halloween (our 4 year wedding anniversary)!

So act fast! Celebrate love!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole