Loves: Michael Graduates 8th Grade and I Finally Get Out of The House


With all that has been going on these past few months I feel like a hermit. I really haven’t gone out of the house to actually do anything except run to the store and work. Between taking care of Sabbath and now myself with my newly diagnosed medical issues I finally got a really nice day out of the house. It was even more worth it because it was to celebrate my nephew Michael’s 8th grade graduation. I can not believe he will be going to high school. I feel so incredibly old ha ha. You guys might recognize Michael from my previous posts including some during Halloween when he let me practice my makeup skills on him. This kid loves letting me turn him into a zombie 😉 Either way here is a picture from yesterday. It was kind of funny because everyone was making note of how hot it was and since I have been cooped up in the air conditioning for so long the heat actually felt good to me. I really feel I just needed the fresh air in a  no stress environment to relax and rejuvenate me. It still really sucks not to be able to crack open a beer ha ha. Thanks to my sister in law who always makes a ton of food I was able to get plenty of low fat options on to my plate to follow my strict diet right now. I also talked to one of her friends who has been following the eat for your blood type diet which I am going to look further into.

This kid makes me incredibly proud to be his aunt 😉


For those wondering who may not follow my website I will be having my ERCP on July 15th and then gallbladder surgery is August 1st. My Etsy shop will remain open during the ERCP but may be closed temporarily during my surgery. I should be able to fill premade item orders  but I might have to put a hold on customized orders. Future posts to come.

Stay Spooky!
Living Dead Girl Nicole


More surgery for this living dead girl!


So I really am becoming more and more like the bride of Frankenstein. First I marry my high school sweetheart Frank on Halloween and now I am collecting a beautiful collection of surgery scars as doctors keep taking parts out of me and piecing me back together.

That’s me being humorous about the stress I am facing now. 🙂

So Monday we put Sabbath to sleep. Thursday I am being rushed to the ER.

To sum things up I now have gallstones and pancreatitis (and yes Sabbath had pancreatitis too). I was in intense pain that has subsided to aches and pains here and there. More less a lot of discomfort versus me being keeled over in a ball like I was on the way to the ER. I get these fun nausea spells as well. Also just very tired and very weak. I can’t do much without feeling drained. Part of this is also do to the fact I have been on only liquids for 4 days. That is until today. I met with my doctor and I can eat as long as I stick to a very strict no fat/low very low fat diet from now until I can get back in to see a specialist. This is to avoid me getting another attack and ending up having surgery in the ER. Needless to say when I meet with the specialist it will be to set up an ERCP. This is a procedure where they knock you out and go down your throat with a camera and tools and make sure your bile ducts are clear from any gallstones. This is the leading cause of people who get pancreatitis from gallstones. If they are not clear they will clear them at that time. Once I recover from that then I am back to the operating table to have my gallbladder removed. I really am not leaving much for the zombies to consume anymore. I mean no large intestine, no appendix and now soon to be no gallbladder. Guess they will just have to have whats left of my brains. And that isn’t too well these days either.

Just giving everyone a heads up. The reason for the heads up is because if you want to get anything from my Etsy shop now would be a really good time to do so. Not only cause of the financial burdens but because I may have to temporarily “vacation mode” shut down my shop once stuff starts rolling for me. Similar to when I had my previous surgeries.

Also I am still updating my GoFundMe page . This is the best place for you to get updates on how I am doing. Also if you share the page with others I would greatly appreciate it as I had to set some a new goal on there.

Stay Spooky and Healthy!
LDG Nicole