Freaky Fanatic: Ava as Kitty Cheshire


As you all know I recently posted about how I made a Kitty Cheshire headpiece for my goddaughter Ava. She needed it to complete her Halloween costume because she didn’t want to just wear cat ears. She had to have a hat that was just like hers. Ever since I gave it to her Dad I have been anticipating how she liked it and if it worked. Then I got this picture texted to me over the weekend and it made my heart smile. So happy to be a part of making her Halloween memorable.


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LDG Nicole

Remains: Ava’s Kitty Cheshire Headpiece


So I got commissioned for a special job 🙂 My goddaughter Ava wants to be Kitty Cheshire from Ever After High for Halloween.


She has the costume but not the headpiece/hat/headband. She goes to Halloween stores and keeps reminding her Dad that she still needs her hat. Well anything he shows her of course is “not HER hat” ha ha. So that is where Aunt Nicole’s magic comes in!

Just finished it last night. It’s a bit of a combo between the cartoon and doll versions all rolled into one. That away no matter what version people think of her…it’s still “HER hat” ha ha. Instead of hard plastic (like the store bought one would have been) I made it out of a fun textured black felt that will be nice and soft on her head and much more “kitty” like. The ears are made from wired black fun fur. The headband was already covered in black fun fur as it was from a set of cat ears her Dad purchased at the store as a back up plan. It’s hard to see from the photo but the inside of the ears are made from glittery iridescent white foam sheets. The whiskers match by being made of iridescent sparkly pipe cleaners. The lighter lavender paint on the cheshire grin actually glows in the dark 🙂


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LDG Nicole

Living Dead Girl Nicole meets Monster High


My Dad is so awesome. He threw me a total curve ball yesterday when I was opening Christmas presents from him.
When he was out shopping for me he discovered Monster High dolls.
He came across Operetta and Draculaura “oh my god they look like Nic” and got them for me.
He said he went through what they had but had to get these two because he could not believe how much they looked like me with the various hair styles I have rocked over the years and their clothing and accessories.
He told me he thought Operetta looked even more like me cause of her tattoo’d arm 😉
DSCF9104I thought it was so cool that he saw them and thought of me.  I guess now all I need is Elizabat to represent my purple hair and Frankie Stein for my Bride of Frankenstein obsession and I will have a set of  more “Nicole” dolls to complete my collection! Ha Ha! I can’t wait to rock them in my curio cabinet next to my Daphne Blake and Poison Ivy Barbies!  My Dad rocks!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole