Remains: Vending Is Hard Work!


So I haven’t posted much more about preparing for my 1st vending event because I have been super busy preparing for it. Ever since we have been back from our Philly vacation, every weekend has been dedicated someway, somehow to preparing for the show. With working a full time job the weekends are my best time to dedicate to all of this. I have been making new limited edition products (that will only be available at the show), up-cycling things for my display, shopping both in store and online with my mad budgeting/deal finding skills, researching helpful blogs for 1st timers and brainstorming (with mad lists) of what I need to make this all happen. I actually had to make myself take a break from it all to do my “We All Have Our Flaws Kitten” Denis O’Hare portrait. With him being added to the con with only a month to go I had to stop the presses and make it happen! Because well I love him and priorities ha ha.

So much has been made and so much is going on but I wanted to highlight some fun things worth sharing. So first of all my mother in law, Judy has been enjoying retirement with lots of flea market shopping and bless her soul that woman is always thinking of me. She has been finding so many amazing things for me to use and things are really coming together quite well

For instance.. here you will see a before and after shot of a ornate, framed coin display that she picked up for only $3.00 (and she picked me up 3 of them!! Score!). All I had to tell her was ornate frames that I could up-cycle and she was on it!  The one on the right is after my husband and I completely transformed it into a purple and black gothic display for my Dead Girl Decay Barrettes. Much more my style and matches my overall brand identity.

For some additional brand identity I made mention of dying our old ivory colored bat shower curtain purple. She had some free time and actually dyed it for me. Now it matches the look of my portfolio website! This will most likely get draped over my table.


So I had a vision of what I wanted to do for my Custom Order Forms. I wanted a tombstone display that would sit on my table. I wanted it to hold the order forms and atleast 1 pen. I also wanted it to say HERE LIES CUSTOM ORDER FORMS. So I did a search on Etsy to see if I could find someone who could make an affordable base for me. I would then of course be able to paint and decorate it myself.  That is when I found Woodloom on Etsy. I told her about my unique display idea and she was thrilled to make it for me. On top of it she was a delight to work with and also went away with one of my Dead Girl Massacre Decay Barrettes. She plans to wear it with her costume at the Haunted House she helps run during the Halloween season!

Here is the end result…….


So there you have some fun highlights of my vending preparations so far. To top it off this past weekend we let the beast out of winter storage! Frankenhearse is ALIVE and on the streets again!


Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Soul Selling: My New Banner


One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to vend my art for at least 1 show I am asked to be a part of. I have been asked countless times over the years to vend at different shows, cons etc. I guess you can say I have always been intimidated by the thought of it and hate the thought of dropping a lot of money on a vending spot with no guarantee of selling anything. I also normally go to these shows to relax and enjoy myself because my art is something I do as hobby on the side of my full time job. So the thought of being stuck at a table trying to sell my work has always been hit or miss idea to me.

Then I go to a show or con and the regret sets in. I can’t even tell you how many times I am at one of these shows and people see me rocking my wearable Dead Girl Decay creations and ask me “where did you get that!?!” When I respond “well I made it” I always get “do you have a booth set up here?” And I have to say “no… but here is my card” and then I hope they visit my site.

Well now that we have Frankenhearse additional opportunities have been thrown my way and I think it is time I finally give it a try. I have been offered deals on vending costs as a part of putting the hearse on display. I have even been offered to vend out of the back of it.

So with that I have been making and buying things for my “display”as I see them on sale (after Halloween clearance was a devil sent) and adding a some things I would like to use to my Amazon Art Wish list (as reminders I need to buy them and incase people are looking for gift ideas). Everything I have purchased so far has been something that if the vending thing doesn’t turn out to be my thing I can still use it somehow in my creepy museum of a home etc.

The exception to that being the display banner I just got. I knew I would need something to bring attention to my work and I was lucky enough to take advantage of the Semi-Annual sale at Vistaprint which gave me 50% off!! I guess if things don’t work out I have a really cool decoration for my studio now……


Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole