Deadly Designs: Love For Lexi Benefit


Here is the finished flier that I was commissioned to design for a very special benefit that my friend Regina is helping put together. After admiring please feel free to share it. They can use all the donations they can get for little Lexi.

Love For Lexi V.3 PHOTO

To see more of my desktop publishing design work check out the Deadly Designs page of my portfolio website. To see other ways I have used my art to help great causes, visit the Back Bone page! Need something designed for your next event? Contact me!

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LDG Nicole

Deadly Designs: Cabin 7 Promotions Amici Taverna 3/20 Show Flier


Just finished designing this show flier for Cabin 7 Promotions…..



To see more of my Deadly Designs head over to my official art portfolio site!

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LDG Nicole

Creature Feature: Guess what day it is!!! FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! Time for the Friday the 13th Bloghop!


So in celebration of the day I created this little piece of fun photo art to brighten everyone’s day! ha ha

Well with that today is also the annual “His Name Was Jason BlogHop” so the remainder of this post will be in tribute to just that.

Over the years I have had the honor of meeting the one and only Kane Hodder and I thought today would be a great time to share those memories with all of my Freaky Fanatic readers!

This is a photo from the first time my husband Frank and I met Kane.  I would like to let everyone know that we got the full Jason experience when meeting him as he really put quite the choke hold on us when we took this picture ha ha ha. So it is pretty authentic so to say ha ha. We can actually say we were literally choked by Jason Voorhees ha ha.

The other thing I can tell you is that Kane is a complete riot!! He is not just there to make some money and meet fans. He truly is there to entertain and show you a memorable time when he is at a con. He is probably one of the funnest celebs you can get a chance to meet. Hence why the second time we met him we got these great shots with him!!!


We had him sign our FT13TH machete prop and when we went to take the picture he grabbed it and made it quite the prop for the photo as well ha ha

He really loved Frank’s hoodie ha ha ha. He said he had to stop this impersonator ha ha.

If you ever get a chance to go to a con that Kane is attending make sure to stop at his booth. I promise it will be a time you won’t forget. He really is a riot and great to us fans!

Now I have to finish out my day and get ready for tonight!! Axe Man’s Bridge (my husband Frank’s band) will be playing a Friday the 13th Party and I will be in my usual Friday the 13th horror garb with a touch of blood here and there for the occasion ha ha. You know a typical night out for the Garcia’s ha ha. Are we the only ones that keep stock in fake blood and buckets of red paint “just in case” we need them? ha ha.

Here is the flyer I actually created for the event….


Any big plans for your Friday the 13th Festivities? Well before you go out and celebrate this kick ass holiday of sorts make sure to go HERE and check out all the awesome blogs participating in today’s Blog Hop. Each blog will have some sort of fun post that is Friday the 13th related for everyone that visits! How cool is that?!!! Very! So get over there and get to enjoying it all!!

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LDG Nicole

Deadly Designs : Aaron Noonan Live Flier


Deadly Designs : Aaron Noonan Live Flier
Made this flier for Axe Man’s Bridges front man.

Original photo was taken by Looking Glass Photography.

Stay Spooky,
LDG Nicole

Deadly Designs – Sign/Poster for South Suburban Food Co-op Store


The South Suburban Food Co-op contacted me to do another design for them. They were very happy with the gift certificates that I designed for them that they wanted to see if I would be willing to design a sign/poster. They wanted something they could hang in their store that gave shoppers the key reasons they should become a member. Something that drew people’s attention but also kept to the feel of the store.

This was the completed piece that I sent to them last week…

I got this email yesterday from them….




I will be taking a trip over there sometime in the upcoming week to see it on display!

Stay Spooky and Healthy!

LDG Nicole

Another Deadly Design for Axe Man’s Bridge


Axe Man’s Bridge

This is a new Deadly Design gig flier I did for the band Axe Man’s Bridge!

Stay Spooky and Rockin’

LDG Nicole