Dead Girl Decay: Stacy AKA Trixie


So you may recall my super long Artist Shout Out post that I made after I came back from our Philly road trip. It mainly focused on the awesome custom hip/shoulder bag I had made by Stacy of Trixie B True. Well I could not get over how incredible it was. So I decided to thank her by making her a little something in return.

She is very involved in Roller Derby and you all know I am a big fan of that sport. I saw my first bout of the Windy City Rollers as part of my 30th birthday celebration because floor seats for roller derby was something I always wanted to experience. If I didn’t have so many health issues I would be all over joining ha ha. Either way, Stacy informed me that her team colors were red and black.

Here was the end result…


Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole