Spitting Image: Deadtime Stories


When I was a “kiddie” my Aunt gifted me a small tv for my bedroom. Late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping, I would turn on Tales From The Crypt. My Grandma who I lived with at the time was very religious and anything horror was considered “of the devil” so I would make sure to turn the volume down low as I curled up in my bedding for “deadtime” story time with the Crypt Keeper.

My Mom had introduced me to horror and these moments of young-ghoul-rebellion were very freeing from the life I was forced to live after she had passed away. They gave me something to look forward to late at night. It was a time by myself away from the hell I was living during the day.

Tales From The Crypt TV Show

In 2009 when Frank and I got married I designed a Tales From the Crypt comic inspired wedding program that we passed out to all of our guests.

In 2018 we had the honor of meeting John Kassir at Days of the Dead and we shared stories with him and told him how much the show meant to us. He told us how he loves hearing these stories and how amazed he still is knowing how determined so many “kiddies” were to watch the show.

Artist Living Dead Girl Nicole and husband Frank with John Kassir at Days of the Dead 2018

Needless to say as a part of that special late night Kiddie Crypt Club, it was only a matter of time that I would be checking this art piece off my art bucket list. I present to you “Deadside Stories” a split face portrait done in pencil and chalk pastels in tribute to John Kassir and the Crypt Keeper…..

Living Dead Girl Nicole's Deadtime Stories split face portrait of John Kassir and the Crypt Keeper

I can’t wait to cross paths with John once again so I can gift him the original art piece.

For any Boils and Ghouls who are interested in purchasing prints or wearing this art piece on a shirt, you can find them listed in my Etsy and Amazon shops. Prints will also be made available to purchase in store at Closet Collectibles in Crete, IL as soon as I make my next art drop.

Want to see more of my portrait drawings? You can find them on the Spitting Image page of my portfolio website!

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole

Remains: Pumpkin Carving Night


Frank and I spent last night with a couple of our friends carving pumpkins in our dungeon (aka our basement).

I carved Jareth the Goblin King from my all time favorite movie and Frank carved Angus from AC/DC

6tag_231015-192711 6tag_241015-003051 6tag-2100911941-1102639852360194448_2100911941

Luis carved Michael Myers and Kayle carved the Crypt Keeper. Thank you again to Zombie Pumpkins for another year of providing us with the coolest stencils!

This year starting in May I actually started to grow pumpkins from the seeds of the pumpkins we grew last year. This was my first attempt at ever doing this and it was actually pretty fun to see them grow. The vines grew pretty crazy in our little area (we have a condo with barely a yard). So I had to keep up with pruning and making sure they didn’t go into the neighbors patio ha ha. When it came to carving last night I couldn’t bear to cut my babies up ha ha ha. Plus the little one refuses to grow old. I call him Pee Wee…..our little rebel ha ha…..


They are going to remain uncut sitting on our porch as extra decor with a sense of pride ha ha ha

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole