Inspirations: Finally meeting the monster man himself… Cleve Hall


From my previous posts you all know I have always had mad admiration for and supported the work of Cleve Hall and his daughter Constance. They have been in the monster making industry for a ton of years before SyFy’s Monster Man. However, they were the first to bring monster making into our homes (on our television sets). They showed the world the importance of making hand made creations vs always going with CGI to bring monsters and horror movies to life. When it happened it was a huge breakthrough for dark artists everywhere. It not only supported us but gave people a better understanding and opened some minds to the idea of what dark art is all about and why we love what we do. It also gave younger audiences inspiration of what they can be when they grow up..if you love drawing monsters and don’t want to be a doctor or lawyer.. draw monsters!  I wish so badly there was something like this out there for me when I was younger that showed me the outlets of a career I never knew existed.

This is actually part of the conversation I had with Cleve last night… in PERSON! I finally got to meet him and even though I thought I was going to have to stand in line like everyone else as a part of a meet in greet it actually happened quite differently and rather perfectly. You see we brought Frankenhearse out last night to the Dupage Haunted Halloween Flea Market (very cool event!!) and ended up being asked to put it on display in front of one of the buildings. Needless to say it was a huge hit with the people attending and the promoter Bob was very happy we brought it.


The coolest part of the night though was when we walked away for a while and came back to find Cleve (a big hearse enthusiast) checking out Frankenhearse. Frank was like “Babe I think that’s Cleve by the hearse” We ran over and he was right! I walked up to him and introduced myself and immediately he knew who I was and gave me a big hug. He told me that the Cleve mini zombie head I made him is doing great and sits by his TV. That of course made my day…. month… year! The man is a monster making legend and MY creation is on display in his home! I am still smiling. The greatest part is he had time to kill before judging the costume contest in the building right by the hearse so Frank and I got to have a really nice conversation with him and actually hang out.


We talked a little about the show as I know that is something people probably talk his ear off about. I just told him that as an artist my appreciation for them doing the show was it gave me a behind the scenes glimpse into the creative process. To be able to see how they worked to create something from an idea turned into a physical thing that came to life on set blew my mind. It was the closest thing to me being able to experience that myself and I was grateful for that.

A very special thank you to Cleve for taking the time to talk with me and making my first time at the Halloween Haunted Flea Market such a memorable one! It’s not very common for people to get to meet those who inspire them in person. I am so grateful to have gotten this opportunity and even more so for the one on one time with such a legend.

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Cleve Hall’s Hall of Horrors | Indiegogo


Only a few more days to help support Cleve Hall’s Hall of Horrors | Indiegogo!!!! This project will be amazing with Cleve and Constance behind it.  Please support dark artists in the industry! We need all the back bone we can get 😉

Stay Spooky and Supportive!

LDG Nicole

Hall of Horrors


Go HERE – Hall of Horrors

Ok everyone you all know how much I admire Cleve and Constance Hall from my previous posts and my work I have made inspired by them and for them. So… now is the time for me to help them out and spread the word about this awesome new project they are conjuring!! Please visit this link and go watch the video to learn more about their vision. Donations are at various levels if you want to get a little something back or you can donate what you can. If you can’t donate SPREAD THE WORD! The more people know about this the more you are helping them!


Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole

Creepy Lil Heart is Smiling!


Reasons my creepy little heart is smiling today…
1.) was released from the hospital last night
2.) got to sleep in my own bed
3.) got to come home to my cats who I missed terribly
4.) no more iv’s, ng tubes and surgery tables
5.) Seeing a new referral on LinkedIn for me from Cleve Hall 🙂

Recovery is starting new for me. My diet is not getting set back but as far as being able to work, lift things and do ordinary things I am starting over. I am re-opening my Etsy shop for pre-made items as we are able to get those packed up and shipped out. However any custom/made to order items are still on hold until further notice

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Gifts for the Halls!


As many of you know I am big fans of the monster making skills of Cleve and Constance Hall. I keep in touch with Cleve online and he has been nothing but awesome to me. I have also used my site as well as social media to spread the word to bring Monster Man back to SyFy as I truly believe dark artists like myself need more  exposure and respect for what they do. Cleve and Constance both agreed to do a feature interviews with me for (coming soon!) which turned out great because they both had some fun and creative answers! I decided since they inspire me so much that I would make some art based on my love of what they do and who they are. Since Cleve loves godzilla I decided to make a green mini zombie head complete with dark hair and facial hair similiar to his and decided to make a fuschia and black skelefly Dead Girl Decay barrette that was fitting to Constance’s unique look and style. These gifts will be going in the mail to them soon and I can’t wait to hear what they think of them!

Stay Spooky and inspired!
LDG Nicole

Bring back the Monster Man!!

Cleve Hall reached out to me again asking for my help to spread the good word about getting another season of Monster Man on SyFy.
If you are like me and love this show here is your mission…
and tell them you want another season of Monster. This will go to all the higher ups at SyFy. 
Then spread the word to ask others to do the same. 
The goal is to get at least 10,000 emails or more! 
Now what are you waiting for???? … get that email sent and the word spread!
Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole