Kurt Cobain


As everyone knows I enjoy doing portraits. I do them for people as memorials, I do them as fan art of celebs and I do them for fun. I thought this weekend would be the appropriate time to post the very first portrait I ever attempted. I have never posted this portrait online before because I did it for art class when I was in junior high (back in 1995). Yep I was only in 8th grade!!

We were told to do a portrait and looking at my Rolling Stones magazine I became inspired. During the time it was the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Kurt Cobain and when my copy of the magazine came in the mail I had not put it down. It was with me everywhere I went… even school.  The cover of the Rolling Stone magazine was a beautiful photo of Kurt that I felt represented him. There was this sadness behind his eyes.  I wanted to draw it. Not only to express his sadness but to also express my own. Despite the controversy of his death I knew the chances of my piece being displayed in the school halls was going to be slim to none but didn’t allow that to hold me back. That is what art is all about. Expressing yourself and being inspired by other artists, musicians and creative minds. I admired Kurt Cobain and was still in shock of his passing even one year later and knew that this was “my portrait”.

This was the end result…

drawn by Living Dead Girl Nicole for art class in jr high. 1 year anniversary of Kurts passing

Kurt Cobain drawn by Living Dead Girl Nicole back in 1995 for her jr high art class


I remember how happy I was with the end result. I worked really hard on it and was determined to do the best I could on it. I turned it in and got an A on it. My art teacher was so impressed and to my surprise she hung it in the hallway after all. I was shocked but so proud. The grey paper the portrait is still glued to is actually from the display.

Then my high school principal called me down to his office. The first words out of his mouth were.. “we need to discuss this portrait you did that is hanging in the halls”. I thought ok here we go. Then he proceeded to tell me how talented I was. That he was in awe of the piece and even gave  me student of the week. I learned that it pays to express yourself no matter what others might think. And I never forgot that.

It being the 19th anniversary of Kurt’s passing I thought it was appropriate to finally share this with everyone. I know my portraits have come a long ways since 1995 but for being in jr high I am still impressed by this portrait and I still thank Kurt for his music and inspiration.

Stay Spooky and Inspired!

LDG Nicole