Living Dead School Girl Update and Venomous Rats!


Living Dead School Girl

Well as recovery gets better over time I am also still trying to keep up with my Desktop Publishing studies. I just submitted my next graded project. I had to do a CD cover and label for a band. How perfect is it that I was able to use my husband’s band, Axe Man’s Bridge as my inspiration. I had to use the assignment guidelines, colors etc. but I think it came out pretty good because I gave it my own flare with some fun rocker more darker fonts. We will see once it gets graded. I just submitted it today. After this I have a few more courses and graded projects to complete and then I will be done with my program. I am hoping to be done by August as long as my health doesn’t hold me back any further. I just keep trucking along and keep pushing myself to move forward the best that I can.

Speaking of CD covers.. Happy Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor Day!

Stay Spooky, Smart and Listening to Zombie!

LDG Nicole