Artist Shout Out: Photographer Christopher McKenney


For those who are loyal followers you know that every once in a while I come across a piece of art and if I am completely awed by it I do a shout out on my own art blog for another artist. It has to be something pretty mind blowing. And when I say mind blowing you have to think of how my mind works and what awes me. 🙂

Well today I came across photographer Christopher McKenney. After seeing a blog post of some of his images I HAD to visit his website and then of course his entire Flickr gallery. His photography is absolutely amazing! If you have a morbid mind and a keen imagination I think you will be in awe of his work as well.  I could go through his portfolio for hours and just imagine the stories behind the photos. Seriously check his work out!


Stay Spooky and seriously check this photographer out!
Living Dead Girl Nicole