Back Bone: A Special Creation For Safyre


Some of you may have already heard of a courageous young girl named Safyre Terry. She is known as Schenectady New York’s “Super Survivor”. She survived an arson fire that killed her father and siblings. They found her under her father’s body and had suffered burns on 75% of her body. She has had to have multiple surgeries including having her right arm and left foot amputated. Despite all this little girl has gone through she has the most positive attitude and is the most courageous little girl.

I personally did not know of her story until her Christmas Card request went viral on the internet and news. A sweet soul all she wanted for Christmas was to be able to fill her Aunt’s Christmas Card tree. Well of course her wish was granted when people around the world started to send her cards. Before she knew it she had a tree full and then some 🙂

After hearing about her I went to the sites that her amazing Aunt and Uncle have set up for donations and to keep people posted on how she is doing. Her Facebook page is like a diary keeping people informed about how amazing this little girl is and what a fighter she is. I had tears streaming down my face as I watched her perform “Roar” By Katy Perry in her school talent show. This little girl is amazing! God bless her Aunt and Uncle who took her in and have been by her side since all of this has happened.

After reading her story, looking at her photos and videos I was overwhelmed with inspiration. Not only for myself and all the things I have gone through physically and mentally but I immediately wanted to create her something special to show her how much her story had touched me.

So with that I wrote Safyre a letter and made her a special “Super Survivor” hair barrette. I am putting it in the mail this week. I hope it brings her some happiness and comfort as she seems to be in a lot of pain from her most recent procedures. Poor thing. To go through all of this at such a young age has got to be so hard. It’s times like this that I am so grateful that I have a talent I can share with the world. Something that allows me to create something that will hopefully bring some happiness and brighten ones situation.


Stay Spooky and Supportive!
LDG Nicole