Back Bone: Super Santori Team Rocked the American Heart Association Walk


First off on behalf of myself and our team The Super Santoris I want to thank everyone who donated to our team and/or helped spread the word to help support us. Our team goal was $2,500 and we raised over $5,000! We raised the most money out of all the teams that participated! Roxanne being the top fundraiser of the whole event! Her cousin Kim coming in 3rd!



This was a very meaningful day for one of my best friends Heather and her mom Roxanne.


Dave Santori was an amazing man and I was honored to be by their side yesterday walking in his honor. It also was a nice reminder of where I have come with all of my own health issues. I am grateful I was able to walk beside them and enjoy this memorable day with them.

nofear usladiesgroup

And a very big thank you to Heather for all these awesome photos you shared with me to make this post possible. I must admit I think this one is my favorite and I think your Dad would’ve enjoyed seeing you so happy surrounded by so many people who love you and your Mom.


When I woke up this morning I was sore and groggy and then I saw this………


So well worth it! This my friends is what it’s all about!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Back Bone: Too Fast – Lula Benefit Tee


As you all know I am all about giving back especially when a story strikes a cord or hits home for me. This one went straight to core of my being when I read it and immediately I purchased a fundraiser shirt. As you all know I lost my mother to breast/lung cancer when I was 10 years old. Art has always been a release and way of expression for me my entire life. It has also been my way to give back to others and it’s helped not only me when I was in pain but others as well. I ask that you please read Lula’s story and purchase a t-shirt in her Mom’s honor. Support this little artist who is in a world of pain right now. As a young girl, loosing a mother is a void that carries with you for the rest of your life. Nothing can ever replace that void. All you can do is find ways to deal with it. I hope with the help of her art that she becomes a stronger woman because of this. That is teaches her that life is too short not to pursue her dreams! This t-shirt is that start for her and thanks to Too Fast (one of my all time favorite stores) they are helping make that happen for her! Please support and share the word!


Lula is a 13 year girl. That is the first amazing thing you will learn about this awesome little artist! Lula draws all the time. It is what she does, who she is. She is super talented as you can see! Lula’s first design for Too Fast is a drawing that she dedicated to her mother, Jane. Her mother passed away on New Years Eve 2015. Jane died from colon cancer, she fought like hell, but unfortunately, she lost the fight. Jane was my best friend (Maureen, Partner in Too Fast). Every single penny you spend on this shirt will go directly into the fund for Lula and her brother, Ren. Show Lula and Ren some love!

Purchase it HERE!

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LDG Nicole

Back Bone: It’s Giving Tuesday Let’s Give Back!


As you all know I love using my artistic talents to give back to causes that I am passionate about. There is a whole page dedicated to this on my website called Back Bone. Why do I call it that? Well one I love all things spooky (of course) and like fun creative ways to name the pages of my website. Most importantly I enjoy having other people’s backs.


One of the ways I  give “back” is by offering special, limited edition items in my Etsy shop. Customers have purchased such items and the proceeds have gone to the charity they were made for.

  • If you are looking for a wonderful gift idea that you can give to someone and tell them it helped someone else, these items are perfect.
  • If you want to spoil yourself without the guilt because it helped someone else, these items are perfect.
  • If you just want to help a great cause in a fun way, these items are perfect.

Well with today being “Giving Tuesday” I wanted to remind my followers that I do still have a few items left in my shop that can be purchased and a portion of your purchase will go to a great cause. So let’s GIVE BACK!



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LDG Nicole

Back Bone: Down In The Southland Walk Thank You!


Living Dead Girl Nicole — A special thank you to everyone that donated or….



Stay Spooky and Supportive!
Living Dead Girl Nicole