Heads and Tails: Adventure Time Online Princess Creator


Meet LDG – Princess of the land of the living dead he he! 😉 This is all thanks to the Online Adventure Time Princess Creator!

Now that I made this it reminds me of how I was compared to Marceline when I was interviewed by Barista Books. I think they were pretty right on ha ha. I could totally see my Adventure Time version of myself kicking it with her! Just wish the app had tattoos to match my real life arms 🙂




 I want to post a shout out to all my Freaky Fanatics that took the time to vote for my work in the Barista Bookstore online art gallery contest. Because   of you I am the now the owner of a Amazon gift certificate! Anyone that knows me will tell you that I have quite the wishlist on Amazon so this is quite awesome. Thank you again to everyone who has showed their support for me and my artwork over the years. I can not express how much it means to have so many people believe in my craft! You rock!!

Stay Spooky and Awesome!

LDG Nicole

Artist of the Month Feature at Barista Books!


That’s right my Freaky Fanatics, I am being featured as Artist of the Month at Barista Books!! Make sure to go their site (links below) and read the article that features an interview with yours cruelly and the photos of the creations I have made that were their favorites.

You really can’t beat being featured with an intro like this…

“If I had a dark alterego, her name would be Nicole Garcia.  The Marceline to my Princess Bubblegum, she is affectionately known in the Horror community as “Living Dead Girl Nicole” and by night is an artist of many spooky finds. Here are Barista Books we are in love with her art… both wearable and shareable.”

and being described as…… “She’s a scream.”

They also asked if they could put their favorites in their online gallery viewing contest. Please show your support and vote!

Artist of the Month feature on front page HERE!

Artist of the Month article with interview and photos HERE!

Blog post about feature HERE!

Gallery voting HERE!

Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole