Freaky Fanatics: Wilson Baby Shower


I am excited to be able to post another special handmade gifting post. 2 weeks of gifting my work and both for wonderful reasons.

Last week was my cousin’s bridal shower and this weekend our friends Bryan and Robyn had their baby shower. They are having a little girl who they are naming Piper (after Piper from Charmed.. how cool is that?! Very!) and well you can’t have a baby girl and not get one of my barrettes… or two.

Frank and I got them a few things off their registry and then I added these little butterfly baby barrettes into the mix.



I got a few extra photos after the shower of Daddy To Be Bryan and Auntie To Be Lisa (both long time very dear friends to Frank and I). The Wilson’s have always been a 2nd family to us. You may recognize them from some of our wedding photos as they both stood up in our wedding ­čÖé


Last but not least me with my girl Lisa. Our green hair sortof meshes well together eh! ­čÖé


If you have a baby shower or children’s birthday party coming up and would like a custom piece made by yours cruelly just hit me up. Commissioned custom pieces are my favorite thing to do! You can see more of my creations on my website as well.

Stay Spooky,
LDG Nicole

Freaky Fanatics: Kayla’s Baby Shower


The past few weeks I have been a busy Aunt making gifts for my niece Kayla’s baby shower. She is doing her baby’s nursery in Disney’s The Aristocats with emphasis of the character Marie (because┬áshe is having a baby girl).

Today was her shower and I was very happy to see the smile on her face when she opened up her gifts.

DSCF9239 DSCF9240

With the help of my husband Frank we were able to make her a wooden wall hanging of Marie. I drew it on wood, my husband cut it out with a saw and sanded it. I then painted it and sprayed it with a protective gloss.


I also made her a set of my “Mummy and Me” matching Mother and Daughter Hair Barrettes. I picked the colors out based on what I thought Kayla would like and then when I saw the beautiful dress she was wearing for the shower I knew I did well. I couldn’t believe how much they matched what she actually wore to the shower.


And last but not least a photo of Great Aunt Nicole with the beautiful Mommy to be….


Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole


Freaky Fanatics: Baby Berryhill Nusery Paintings


Recently┬áI posted about the train and animal themed paintings I did for our friend’s nursery and baby shower gift. Well yesterday I got a text from Kristin (aka the Mommy to be) that said “they look perfect over baby Jacob’s crib!” and attached was this adorable photo that made my heart smile.


Exactly how I imagined them! I love nothing more then photos of how people enjoy my artwork! You can see more in my Freaky Fanatic slideshow on my official portfolio website! Don’t forget to submit yours and get featured on my site! Contact me!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Drippings: All Aboard for the Berryhills


Back to the subject of “I do creepy but can also do cute art”; this past Sunday was my friends baby shower.

Kristin and Jesse – The proud parents to be!

As you can see from all the blue they are having a little boy. Jesse has a love of trains so the shower was this adorable train theme. Everything down to the invitation being a train ticket. The colors were red white and blue which made me think of all the awesome times Frank and I have celebrated 4th of July with these guys.

When I got the invitation it inspired me to make a gift based on the train and color theme. I asked our friend Kelly how Kristin┬áplanned to do the nursery and she told me that if they could not find enough train stuff that they also registered for some “safari” monkey and animal things as well. I also knew that Jesse had a love for turtles (they have a pond of them) so I used a compilation of everything as my┬áinspiration to paint 4 small paintings for the baby’s nursery.


As you can see from the few photos I was able to snap at the shower, the paintings were a hit! They loved them. I made sure to write a little note on the back of them. “Handmade with love for Baby Berryhill”.


And of course I had to get a picture with my beautiful friend and mommy to be! She looks amazing! She was even rocking heels!


Want to see more of my paintings? Check out the Drippings page of my official portfolio website!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole