Rocking Work: AMB Band Merch Time


Merch getting prepared for tonight’s Axe Man’s Bridge show!


Stickers are in! Bottle cap necklaces and pins revamped! Limited edition pick bracelets! A merch girls work is never done! 😉

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Deadly Designs: Axe Man’s Bridge Red Line Tap Show Flier


Just created this flier for Axe Man’s Bridge’s next show! Used the Chicago, December winter cold and Jack the “axe man” from the Shining as inspiration!


Creature Featured: Cabin 7 Promotions article on Axe Man’s Bridge


Killer article done on the band Axe Man’s Bridge. Within the article is a shout out for my work as their merch designer/promoter! Check it out here!


Freaky Fanatic Axe Head: Katt Karter


So we got this amazing piece of fan art sent in by artist Katt Karter. It is an Axe Man’s Bridge/Living Dead Girl Nicole mash up and it is wicked cool! It really represents our little rocker family! He even used and transformed my husband’s bass to put in the bride’s (my) hands!

Axe Bride