Loves: Cole Sent Me a Christmas Card Mommy!


I received this picture from my best friend Regina. Apparently my god daughter, Ava Nicole was quite excited to get our Christmas card in the mail 🙂 How can this not make you smile!


Dead Girl Decay and Loves: Ava Turns 4.. Monster High Style!


My god daughter Ava Nicole turns 4 on November 6th! Her Mom had her 1st of two birthday parties this weekend. It was a Monster High themed party and since Ava was Abbey for Halloween I decided to make her a very special Abbey inspired Dead Girl Decay Barrette.


We also got her the Monster High doll that you can “draw” on! See Ava shares a very special thing with her god mother…  when I was little I use to use my markers to make Barbie look more fun. You know give her designs on their face and arms, special fun makeup and make her hair all sorts of fun colors. That was until Jem and the Holograms came out and my prayers were answered.  Well in Ava’s case her Mom found her in her bedroom with the same fun habits which I find incredibly awesome and hilarious at the same time. Ava now really loves the Monster High dolls and well I can admit I am a tad bit jealous they were not around when I was a kid ha ha.

Here she is opening the doll. As soon as I told her you could draw on her she immediately wanted to get her out of the box ha ha


and last but not least my cupcake eating a cupcake with me : ) and posing for a picture…


Stay Spooky!
Living Dead Girl Nicole

Deadly Designs: Ava’s Birthday Facebook Event Page Design


My Goddaughter Ava Nicole is turning 4 this year! She is having 2 birthday parties and one of them is Strawberry Shortcake themed. I designed this to be used for the party’s Facebook Event Page…..

To see more of my Deadly Designs go HERE!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Freaky Fanatics: Ava Dead Girl Blue & White Skull Decay


It’s photo submissions that I get like this that keep me doing what I love!!

How adorable is Ava rocking the blue and white glittery skull and cross bone decay made by yours cruelly!!!!


Are you a freaky fanatic for my creepy creations??!! Then get those photo submissions in and you can also be featured not only here in my news blog but also on my Freaky Fanatic slideshow!! Contact me HERE or comment a link to your submission!

Stay Spooky and Rock It!

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