Creature Feature: Uncle Pigors Book of Fan Questions


Pretty excited to tell everyone about this. As most of you know I am a HUGE fan of artist Eric Pigors (between me mentioning it in my Bio and all the Toxic Toons merch I own and wear it’s pretty obvious ha ha )!!!

He asked the fans to submit questions to him for a book he was working on and he chose so many of the questions and published them in his book. Well my question was chosen and will appear in the book! I am quite honored!!! His work is amazing and I look up to him as a dark artist. He inspires me to stay spooky … stay me.. and that dark art really is the best genre of art there is 😉 he he.

book of fan questions add[4]
Stay Spooky!

LDG Nicole

Back Bone: Another donation for the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation


Thank you to Freaky Fanatic and returning customer Christine, Senior Editor for Horror News Network for her recent purchase in my Etsy Shop.

Christine commissioned me to make her a Dead Girl Skullerfly Decay Barrette she can rock to some upcoming conventions that went with the color scheme of Horror News Network. We collaborated with our ideas and visions and this was the end result…


Christine also purchased my Linda Blair/Regan Dead Girl Portrait Decay Barrette and because of this purchase I have donated $3.00 to the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation.


Anytime a Linda Blair related item is purchased in my Etsy shop a donation is made to her foundation. Just another way I like to give back with my work.


Want to purchase an item in my shop that will benefit this foundation? Just CLICK HERE and check out the remaining items.

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LDG Nicole




Artistatus: 7/19/13


I am starting a new thing here in my news blog that I am going to call Artistatus. It’s like posting a status but as an artist. It will keep you Freaky Fanatics up to date on what I am doing creatively. How often would you like to see these types of posts??


With that said.. I am working hard on a portrait I was commissioned to do of someone’s loved one that passed. I am always honored when people come to me to do pieces like this. It’s always sad to look into the eyes of someone lost but it makes me feel like my talent is going to something wonderful when it’s going to help someone cope and keep the memory alive of someone that they love and cherish. Not to mention just being honored by the fact that someone feels you are the special artist to capture their loved ones essence.

Check out some of my portrait work under the Spitting Image section of my site!

Stay Spooky and Memorable!

LDG Nicole