About The Artist: Favorite Childhood Book

Daily writing prompt
Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

I thought it might be fun to take advantage of some of these WordPress writing prompts so my Freaky Fanatics can get to know me a little better. So here we go….

I actually do remember my favorite book from childhood all too well. It was King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub by Audrey and Don Wood.

I always grabbed this beautiful, hardcover book from my elementary school library whenever our class had library day. I bet if it still exists at my old school the library check out card would be filled with my name over and over again. I also remember my friends and classmates never understanding why I loved it so much, which was fine by me because then I knew it would be available to check out. Maybe it was my love of whimsical things, the Renaissance Faire, fantasy films, and fairy tales. Maybe it was because it was like no other book I had ever picked up before. Maybe it was because I have always been drawn to the strange and unusual things most people don’t usually appreciate. All I know is that I could not get enough of this humorous tale no matter how many times I read it and I was absolutely captivated by the illustrations. So much so I would look at the pages over and over again incase I missed something the artist had hidden somewhere. I will forever be grateful for this book as it was a great escape for me as a little girl when life was cruel. I guess that is another reason why I remember how mesmerized I was by it.

What was your favorite childhood book? Feel free to leave a comment if you feel like sharing and be sure to read my artist bio to learn more about what makes my brain tick on my portfolio website.

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole

Creature Feature: The Art Table


Shoutout to The Art Table for reaching out to me to feature my work on their pages! Be sure to go give my artist post features and their pages some love on both Instagram and Facebook 🎨💕

See more places that my work has been featured on the Creature Feature page of my portfolio website!

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole

Freaky Fanatics: Ashley’s Eye of The Tiger


I am loving these photos that my Etsy customer Ashley sent to me! She received my Tiger’s Eye Spiritual Skullerfly Crystal Ornamental Wreath and wanted to share how she’s displaying it in her home. Can we talk about how perfect it looks next to her fun leopard print lamp?!

With her photos Ashley sent me a message saying..

“I got this today! I really love it! I love the glitter painted skull, the colors, the beads, everything!”

Thank you again Ashley for sharing. I hope it invokes lots of courage, confidence, light, and positivity into your life. So mote it be.

For those that are new here, I make these pieces of art inspired by a specific crystal or gemstone. They are made with loving intentions and before I put them up for sale I always bless them with incense and charge them by the full moon. Once the piece is sold it is forever with the one it is meant to be with and I never make one inspired by that specific crystal or gemstone again. This makes them one-of-a-kind and truly special to the person who owns them. A little bit of handmade magic!

Interested in a Spiritual Skullerfly Crystal Ornamental Wreath that is available to ship now? I have 2 pre-made ones left in my Etsy Shop (also available at a “support a small business” discounted price if purchased in person at Closet Collectibles in Crete Illinois).

If you don’t already subscribe to my updates be sure that you do (in the right side column of this page). I make all of my new creations announcements here on my blog before anywhere else. Subscribers get updates directly emailed to them (via WordPress) to keep them in the know so they can be ready to make a purchase as soon as they are announced.

Is there a specific crystal your hoping to see me make next? Drop me a comment on this post with your requests and inspire me. You might just manifest it!

As always, don’t forget to check out Ashley alongside my other happy customer photo submissions in my Freaky Fanatic slideshow! Have a photo of yourself with one of my creations? Contact me and let me know about it and you could be featured here as well!

Stay Spooky & Magical,
LDG Nicole

Restocked at Closet Collectibles with new Display!


Over the weekend I did another art drop off/pickup at Closet Collectibles (Crete IL)! I was pleasantly surprised to find that they gave me a new display spot in the store and I could not be happier.

It has nothing to do with my love of built-ins (well maybe that’s part of it) but it has everything to do with it being a prime spot in the store that really showcases and protects my work! I really love it! 💜 

While I was there I picked up my Undead Doll Betty who was adopted on Etsy. Holly has now taken her place on display and is waiting for someone to adopt her and Teddy.

My “The Lovers. The Dreamers. And Me.” (of Jim Henson and Kermit) portrait prints also made their debut. While I was there I also re-stocked my sold out giclee art prints of my other Spitting Image portraits (which are now on the 3rd shelf pictured).

I am so grateful to Chris and Michelle for always thinking of and supporting me as their resident local artist at Closet Collectibles. Mother’s Day weekend is always a rough time for me so this really lifted my spirits. So blessed to be a part of such an incredible store ran by such incredible people. I can not recommend shopping there enough. And when you do, be sure to tell them..”Living Dead Girl Nicole sent me!”

Stay Spooky & Magical!
LDG Nicole