Artist Shout Out: Six Gables


As you all know, I do Artist Shout Out posts when I come across a handmade creation or art piece that blows me away. It allows me to share with my customers and followers my appreciation for other artists I have discovered. Well my recent purchase from Deana of Six Gables made me turn on the laptop and start typing!

All I had to do was search Etsy for monsters (of course) and before I knew it I was looking for monster bags. In the feed I noticed furry faces and immediately contacted Deana about doing a custom order for me. See I love my scary horror monsters but as most of you already know I have a total Jim Henson and Muppet obsession. I also love me some colorful fun fur and her shop was full of it. Just like her bags, Deana is imaginative and fun to work with. You tell her what colors you like and the attitude you want your monster to have and anything your into and she goes to work. My requests were for the monster to be a boy, to have purple fur, lime green horns/eyes, and of course my love for the macabre incorporated for the inside fabric. She was awesome enough to send me a photo when my Nom Nom Monster bag was done. The turn around was insanely quick!

As soon as I saw the package had arrived in the mail I tore it open. To my surprise there was an adorable note inside that told me all about my new monster friend… Arturo!


I of course was a total cheese ball the minute I saw him. He was perfect. Just looking at him screamed “Hi Nicole, I was made for you! Love me!” and I could not be happier.


Living Dead Girl Nicole and Arturo

One of the things I noticed right away was how the craftsmanship was on point! For how quick the turn around was it is still durable, made of high quality materials and you can tell Deana is a master at her trade.


The inside of Arturo has this awesome sugar skull fabric as well as the pockets made of dancing skeleton material to satisfy my love for the macabre by still keeping it cute. Not to mention the adorable red leather tongue and white teeth! The bag I chose was the larger bag and as you can see it holds all of my stuff including my medications, glasses case and all the rest of my junk perfectly.

I have already started to use the bag regularly and have gotten a ton of compliments on it. I even refer to digging something out of my purse as “let’s see if Arturo ate it” ha ha. I can’t express how all around fun this bag is and how awesome Deana is to work with. I highly recommend contacting her if you want a monster of your own or are looking for a Christmas gift for that unique person in your life! She has plenty of items available in her shop that are ready to ship. She does them in various sizes including large bags like Arturo, medium size bags, and sporran hip bags! You can even have a girl monster made with a cute little bow on her head!

Contact Deana at Six Gables and adopt your own monster friend today! Make sure to tell her Living Dead Girl Nicole sent you! You can also find her on Facebook!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole





Artist Shout Out: Trixie B True


So it’s been a while since I have done an Artist Shout Out post. As you all know these come far and few in between and I do them here on my own art blog only when I come across an art piece that really makes my jaw drop. Well the work of Trixie B True is just that. It’s also wearable, functional, and down right amazing. That is is why I wanted to share her work with all of you.


So before we left for Philly I wanted a hip bag to bring with me. I wanted something I could not only bring on this road trip, but on future vacations, concerts, festivals, vending etc. I had certain things I wanted that were limiting my search results ….

  • I didn’t want it to look like a fanny pack
  • I wanted it to match my creepy cute style
  • It needed to stay on me comfortably due to my digestive disorder (could not dig into or be too tight on my stomach etc).
  • Need to be adjustable.
  • It needed to be able to fit everything I needed including my medications without being too big and bulky.
  • It needed to be well made and last for all of my future adventures

I always go to Etsy first when I am searching for something I want because by now you all know I support other artists and buying from small businesses. I also know it is my best bet to find something one of a kind or custom made. When I came across Trixie B True’s Etsy shop I knew I had landed in the right place. The first thing that caught my eye was a black glitter vinyl hip bag with blood splatter fabric on the inside! I immediately contacted her.

When it comes to Etsy you will know if you found the right artist based on how they respond to your inquire, their personality that comes through in their responses and how excited they are about your wacky visions and ideas. After conversating back and forth with Stacy I went from stressed about finding the right bag in time to anticipating what she would create from my vision. She directed me to her website to see some of the unique things she has made and recommended we work together to come up with a custom bag design.

Then it came to me. Could she possibly use her sparkly orange vinyl to make a hip bag in the shape of a creepy smiling jack o’ lantern? How about using the black sparkly vinyl for the facial features and lime green for the zipper? Could she use matching bat fabric for the inside? This would totally be a bag that would scream “Living Dead Girl Nicole” however would she be able to make it functional to my medical needs?! Well she could and she did!

I of course could not wait to get it in the mail and asked for a sneak peak. She sent me a text of my finished bag and also posted it on Instagram with a caption that described me to a tee. Of course the minute I saw it my jaw dropped and I could not wait to get it in the mail.


When it came in the mail I was STOKED! I literally screamed “GAAAAAAH I LOVE IT!” when I opened it ha ha. I immediately sent her this photo!


She not only measured to make sure standard pill bottles would fit in it but she made it adjustable so I could use it as either a hip bag or a cross over bag if needed. She was even able to get the lime green bat fabric I wanted for the inside!

She listened to everything that was really important to me and made it happen. Especially with my medical conditions. It is sometimes hard for people with medical conditions to go out on the town and do things without carrying a gigantic medicine cabinet of a bag with them. It makes it harder for you to enjoy yourself when you have so many things to take with you “just incase” something happens.

I used it EVERY single day on our road trip to Philly. I got TONS of compliments on it. Even the woman who checked us into the hotel was in awe over it the minute we arrived. Here are just a few shots from the trip with me rocking it to give you an idea of how it looks when you wear it, the size it came out to be and how it totally rocks with the rest of my style of clothing. She truly took my vision, my needs and made it a reality!

It’s been YEARS since I have been able to travel to places outside of the states (that was not medical test or surgery related). This road trip to Philly was 12 hours away from home. It was exhilarating and my Trixie B True bag was a huge part of making it an enjoyable experience for me. That is why I had to share how amazing this bag is and how important it is to me to now have something that matches my style, is made of high quality craftsmanship and in a fun way contributed to giving me my freedom back.

I know many of my followers also suffer from digestive disorders, medical conditions etc and have to carry medication and other important things on them at all times. I also know others are highly active and looking for something that would allow them to have a stylish option that gives them hands free fun when they go out. Don’t let my spooky style bag discourage you from contacting Trixie B True into making you a bag of your own. I know some of you follow me because you dig my creative creepy style and others follow me because you dig it, however you don’t live it. This was completely a vision we worked on together to make something custom to who I am. She will work with you to make you something just as unique as you are! She has done bags with stars, unicorns, super heroes, Star Wars, roller derby, rockabilly, retro, 50’s, animals, cupcakes and more!

Contact her and make sure to tell her Living Dead Girl Nicole sent you!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Let’s Be Off Pirates and Wenches


Yesterday we brought our tradition back to life. After 3 years of hospital stays and the bills that come with them we have not been able to go to my favorite place to visit in the summer.. the Renaissance Faire. However despite how humid and hot it was yesterday we made it this year. They even had a new photo backdrop that I think was painted just for us ha ha….



I also want to give a shout out to Steam Wolf Symphony for making my vision of a devilish evil queen headpiece come to life and to Kalaidescope Wear who made my waist cincher corset and matching bag (from the leftover material of Frank’s wedding vest – which he now wears to the faire)!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole

Artist Shout Out: Photographer Christopher McKenney


For those who are loyal followers you know that every once in a while I come across a piece of art and if I am completely awed by it I do a shout out on my own art blog for another artist. It has to be something pretty mind blowing. And when I say mind blowing you have to think of how my mind works and what awes me. 🙂

Well today I came across photographer Christopher McKenney. After seeing a blog post of some of his images I HAD to visit his website and then of course his entire Flickr gallery. His photography is absolutely amazing! If you have a morbid mind and a keen imagination I think you will be in awe of his work as well.  I could go through his portfolio for hours and just imagine the stories behind the photos. Seriously check his work out!


Stay Spooky and seriously check this photographer out!
Living Dead Girl Nicole