Creature Featured: Cabin 7 Promotions names me featured artist of the week!


So much to my surprise my friend Aaron (and lead singer of Axe Man’s Bridge) contacted me and said “Nicole have you seen the article Cabin 7 did on your art? You’re there featured artist!” I immediately got online to read it and wow this living dead girl is actually blushing! Seriously. What a freaky fantastic surprise! Please take a moment to go read the article and show their page mad love and comments for taking the time to review and feature my work!

Stay Spooky!
Living Dead Girl Nicole


Creature Feature: lucie39s alluring blog: Sunday Spotlight Feature on LivingDeadGirlNicole!


I got an awesome little surprise in my Etsy Convos today from Lori who runs the Allu Ring Shop on Etsy.

She does a Sunday Spotlight Feature on her blog and this week she has chosen my work to feature!

How awesome is that? Very!

So please take a moment to go over to her blog and read her little write up on yours cruelly!

lucie39s alluring blog: Sunday Morning Blogging with a Spotlight Feature on LivingDeadGirlNicole!

Stay Spooky!
LDG Nicole